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  1. At first I thought it was fixed, but I noticed a few double-types or skipped letters after more usage. In the previous version, I installed Multiling keyboard since it was my favourite, but it had an even more serious bug; sometimes I would press a letter and I would get an "OK" or "Enter" press instead! So I installed JellyBean Keyboard which seemed to work better than both. I haven't tried it on 2.1 yet.
  2. Then I suppose it has to do with the carrier you have or emulate. I switched from O2-UK to Cosmote-Greece (my normal one on my phone, code is 20201) and paid apps appear in searches again. For the last 18 months I've always been able to see paid apps on all devices I've used and seen around here.
  3. Good work :) I installed the rom and it seems to work fine. I don't mind the missing People app since I have no use for it on the tablet. What confused me is that the Play Store was missing all paid apps. In order to install my purchased apps I had to go through the "ALL" list in my apps list in the store and scroll down to locate them. This probably has to do with the default location used for the Store, I remember I had to change it to something else in the previous rom version (I can't remember what I changed it into, though.). I might install Market Enabler and test. PS. The keyboard seems to function much better and the overall feel is more responsive and less laggy, I think!
  4. Hello everybody, I was offered a coupon code for an app in Play Store (after some dysfunctional-feature talk with the developers), but I have no idea how to use it. When I purchase an app (from the browser), I get to the point where I can only click "Complete the purchase", so I doubt there's another step beyond that, and no coupon code fields appear anywhere. Is coupon codes entry available only for certain countries? Thanks in advance :)
  5. Haptic feedback is disabled, while on the sound options "vibrate on touch" is selected. Where have the touch vibrations gone? :)
  6. I really like this rom, the lack of a market is kind of a drawback though. GetJar doesn't always work. Installing the Play Store manually makes it crash after a while. I found a temporary solution to the Aptoide (http://www.aptoide.com/index2.html) app, you should check it out :) It also seems HDMI has been deprecated? I never used it but there's no option for it. Maybe it works out-of-the-box on ICS? Csharpe, in case you make a rom with a working Android Play Store, would it be even possible to release 2 images, one rooted and one un-rooted? I read it's kind of risky to tie an account with a credit card attached to it on a rooted device, and I tend to buy apps every now and then. Just asking :)
  7. This is an official ICS feature. A fast way to select input method other than long-pressing.
  8. It seems that this error exists because the cache needs to be cleared before the update takes place... That's why CWM recovery users do not have that error, since they clear cache before applying it. Also, many 4.0.3 users on the i9023 are having problems with the recovery itself (screen not working), so I suggest to just wait for the update to apply itself OTA...
  9. From the official twitter account of Andypad (@andypaduk): The prequel, a week ago: https://twitter.com/#!/AndyPadUK/status/171639058957746177 (as a reply to user @1275CE) Nothing much to report at the moment...I know you guys want to hear news about ICS- hopefully we will be able to confirm this soon.. Yesterday's "hint"? https://twitter.com/#!/AndyPadUK/status/174099948864929792 Monday morning, and Club Tropicana comes on first thing at Andy Pad HQ.. brings to mind images of cool Ice Cream Sandwiches... I'm just posting these here because it's been too quiet. :)
  10. I checked about that and I can find used ZTE Blades for 50 british pounds AT MOST, so I don't really think it's worth it. Only one single crazy guy sells one used for 175 dollars (!!!), when one can get it much cheaper as new! I'm looking for something more practical to do with it.
  11. Hello there! I recently bought a Nexus S and I'm quite content about it. Noone seems to need my old ZTE Blade, so I decided to make something else out of it. What choices do I have? (It's rooted of course). What would you suggest me do with it? I've been also curious to try installing Linux on it but I'm not sure... Any weird non-android roms out there?
  12. Good work :) I was wondering... Would it be illegal to include an updated version of a bundled piece of (paid) software which has not been updated by Andypad itself? Here's why I ask: There's a problem with the current Swiftkey version. You can't switch language layout (I write in Greek so that's a shame). This is fixed in later versions, so I asked Andypad by email and they replied that they would release a new Andy App from where you can download the latest Swiftkey Tablet version for free (obviously, since it's among the bundled software). This never happened, so today after installing this rom I also installed an illegal copy of a November version (2.2.xxx) of Swiftkey Tablet. Unfortunately it doesn't update the installed swiftkey but installs side by side. But at least it works now.
  13. Sad to hear that, I've been using a rooted rom based on the original that someone posted here, without much trouble. It might not be great for a lot of things, but it's great for watching a movie or playing some games or surfing around - a good travel or bed companion, that is.
  14. Andypad Kernel Source released. Ice Cream Sandwitch source released today. Could this mean that we should begin to become excited for something? ;)
  15. How do I backup my current rom in case I want to switch back later?
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