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  1. Internationale

    UK Motorola RAZR i going cheap on eBay - new with warranty

    No worries Andy! It's slightly more than a sideways step, if build quality is your thing. Mostly - I really needed an unlocked phone, as I'm going overseas for a while and very soon. Agreed; very high bar set there for budget smart phones. Bigger is definitely better when the batteries are keeping up, as long as you can text with one hand! Fitting it in your pocket is awesome too. 5" - that's getting ridiculous for a phone IMO. Why not use a tablet for that stuff, and stick to a comfortable one-hander for texts and calls + some useful apps on the go? Just my two cents. Speaking in general Andy - I agree that bigger than 4" is sensible these days. Why I love my Moto!
  2. Internationale

    UK Motorola RAZR i going cheap on eBay - new with warranty

    Agreed - great deal. Not sure if it was running; would have got mine there if I could have. That said - the ebay deal comes with the Philips speaker, which is realistically worth the £20. Would always go through a big retailer first though. Thanks for the great link.
  3. Internationale

    UK Motorola RAZR i going cheap on eBay - new with warranty

    It's definitely better than the SD, but not as great as I thought based on the reviews. It's hard to do an apples with apples, but I would say maybe 30 - 40% max better. I can comfortably go a full day wihout a charge, but often had a dead SD by the time I got home if I was at work, and then out at night. That's based on a general light mixture of texting, the odd call or two, and mostly internet browsing - not much youtube or gaming. I still need to do some battery testing and tweak things to see how good I can get it. This is all based on out-of-the-box stuff. Take it with a pinch of salt, but it's definitely better. I haven't upgraded to the latest version of Android though, so that may improve it, although I've heard JB has caused a few issues for some people. I haven't noticed much difference at all. I haven't done any benchmarks, but it feels ever so slightly slower in the menus and flicking through the homes screens, but faster in browsing and videos playback. I hope that helps. The little bit of gaming I've done make me think it's slightly quicker there too, but I haven't noticed any difference at a functional level, or even enough to be 'obvious'. Yes - one of the first things I noticed. Bothered me at first, because the SD density is pretty nice, but now I've had it for a few weeks, it doesn't really matter, and part of it is definitely to do with the glass and how fingerprints show on it. Everything is great to look at and I can't 'see' the pixels clearly or anything like that. It's just possible to notice an ever-so-slight difference in sharpness overall. Side by side, you'd say the RAZR i 'feels' the tiniest bit grainy to look at, although we're talking resolutions that the eye can only just pick up on. It's more the glass than the resolution. As you can tell from my response, it's all much of a muchness. The battery life is definitely better, and although not as big of a difference as I'd hoped, it's still a big plus. Everything else is hardly worth talking about. What is worth saying again, is that the build quality is sooooooo much better. It's borderline SD vs iphone or HTC One. It's just a solid phone with what I'm sure is a mostly aluminium case. the buttons are metal too. And thank god - the power/lock button is really smooth and tasty to press. It's splash proof to boot. I'm pretty certain the 'carbon fiber' on the back is not carbon fiber, but some kind of study plastic or poly-carbonate coloured to look like it - still good quality plastic, if you can say such a thing. And believe it or not, the SD is distinctively bigger than the Moto all round. If you're thinking about a bigger screen - http://techdy.com/shop/bear-pro/ If it really does have those specs, and it's not all a scam, it's a damn bargain, and modeled on probably the best phone in the world. My hands are small, so it's not for me, but it could certainly be worth a look, particularly as you're considering a bigger screen. In my humble opinion, 4.3 - 4.5 is perfect, especially with moto's edge design. No phone should ever be made any other way. It's just awesome. Let's see what the Moto X brings!
  4. Just wanted to let anyone keen who missed the EE clearance that the left over stock went to this Ebay seller who specialises in T-Mobile. http://www.ebay.co.u...=item4d0e079e6b I've got one already - it's legit and comes with 12 months warranty. Had it unlocked from a good EBay unlocker a couple of days later. Except for the terrible build quality/design, screen size, battery life, and garbage Orange software, I think the SD is better. But the build quality on the Moto is fantastic, and the 'to-the-edge' screen is pure eye sex. Glad I made the change, especially because it's unlocked now, but I can tell I'll miss using the SD. Will keep it as a spare. Will hopefully have it unlocked by Orange shortly, but it's with CISAS for now. That's a story for another day. http://www.ebay.co.u...984.m1497.l2649 That's where the unlock code came from. Just over two days, and a good price I thought. I don't know either seller - just letting you know the stuff is available at a decent price. The bluetooth speaker is not bad either. The deal as a whole is exactly what t-mobile were clearing the gear for. Pretty damn happy. I'll wait to see how much the new Moto X is though. US built and hopefully below 4.7", with 'mid-range' specs. Could be the perfect phone, if XiaoMi hasn't already beat them to it with the Mi2s. Cheers
  5. Internationale

    OSD on virgin

    Name: Virgin Mobile UK APN: goto.virginmobile.uk Proxy: Not set Port: 8080 Username: user Password: Not set MMSC: http://mms.virginmobile.co.uk:8002 MMS proxy: MMS port: 8080 MCC: 234 MNC: 30 Authentication type: PAP APN type: default,mms APN protocol: IPv4 No idea if that's perfect, but works fine for me. Settings>Wireless networks - More>Mobile networks>Access Point Names, then pick your network.
  6. Internationale

    Over-write bootloader key?

    Sounds like a great strategy - will be very interested to see how you progress. I would have thought it was possible to edit the memory where the bootloader key is stored, although I imagine there could be some kind of security that stops the code showing where in the memory the key is stored. Good luck!
  7. Internationale

    SIM lock status

    Doesn't look like T's & C's :P I used Ctrl + f, but no T's and no C's..
  8. Internationale

    SIM lock status

    Which T&C's is that from? I'm not aware if any reference to handset locking in PAYG T's & C's. Not according to my Ctrl + F skillz anyway.
  9. Internationale

    HTC One: BoomSound

    But does it come with the ridiculous and unjustifiable premium of the Beats/Monster pricing strategy? In all seriousness, it's nice to hear that someone is actually doing something decent with phone speakers finally. Shame it had to be Beats, which I hate with a fiery passion.
  10. Internationale

    SIM lock status

    Not sure if you'll have much luck with the buying a 6 month old SIM. I think it has to be the SIM purchased with the handset that's active for X months.
  11. Internationale

    SIM lock status

    I think the change came in from the 1st of Feb - if you purchased your handset before then, they should stick to the 3 month rule. I don't think they'd have much luck in arbitration saying they can modify a condition like that whenever they like, as it makes it doesn't make much of a condition, and it ends up being more like false advertising regarding the operation of the handset. If you purchased prior to Feb, push the issue with them - even better, try chat on their website, and get it in a chat log, or use the internet time machine and get a screen shot.

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