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  1. experienced strange behavior with CM 7.2.0: first i noticed, but only sometimes, heavy battery drain, always caused by applications using GPS ( Maps, GpsFix, Orux, Find2Car,..), but they where not in the list of running Apps... today I remarked also an other strange thing in battery consumption: charged till 7:30 am, at 6:19 pm it was on 49% after 8:14:( 10:49 should be right) with GpsFix 56% of usage, but I haven't used it.. Last was N20120610, mostly 36-48h,but also before I never saw this...
  2. ums57

    Battery Life

    Hi Jamie, if you need long battery life, try to downgrade to 2.2, my daughter uses Swedish Spring RLS5 and 1,5 -2 days with heavy usage! i'am currently at CM 7.1.0 stable, 10-15h max
  3. Switched back from N216 to 215 because of battery life, but compared with 210 even worse... Will also wait for some charging cycles to be sure
  4. Uptime 2 days 2 hours 57 min -> Battery at 18% not so bad WiFi on, normal use, but always using Advanced Taskkiller after usage to kill still running apps

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