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  1. Hi Paul Are there any changes in the GPS part between GR3 and GR4? Because on GR3 I had the fastest fix of all roms I have tested, but only when on mobile network (T-Mobile Germany). On wireless lan, alfter cleaning the aiding data, I could only get a fix when on the outside and after several minutes, but that was OK for me. Now on GR4 with the exact same settings, I get the same slow fix, even when connected to mobile network. On GR3, I also could see some data traffic after starting GPS, which is gone now on GR4, so I assume, the phone now is getting no aiding data at all. Both are on stock kernel. Tried GR4 with and without GPS-fix, but no change. So atm GPS is completely unusable :( EDIT: Strange, now it works again as it did in GR3. Maybe it was an error of the T-Mobile servers?
  2. OK. This is strange. But because I never before got such a fast fix before, I would suggest to keep the fix as an option. I still find it a bit strange, that aiding data doesn't work when connected to a wireless lan, but it's not very disturbing. When connected to a wireless lan, I usually don't need GPS.
  3. Thanks this worked. So I do have to get notifications in all apps before I can add them to the notifications list? Why are removed apps completely deleted? It would make more sense, if they were just moved back to the add app list, so that you don't have to call yourself or to send yourself an sms to get these entries back after having removed them for testing purposes. I also have found some strange behaviour: when the BBA app is running and the screen turns off, after reactivating it, I see a window with "please wait, loading apps", although I have not recieved any notification. This window does not go away and the only way to get rid of it, is to kill the BBA-task.
  4. The strange ting is, that GPS works great fo me when I'm on mobile network. I get a fix in 10-15 seconds, even If i deleted aiding data. When connected to a wireless lan, I only get a fix, if the aiding data was downloaded over mobile networks before, although the SLP-server is set to Google. When deleting aiding data in hidden menu, I don't get a fix, even after waiting 10 minutes. I would assume, that I get aiding data from my mobile provider (T-Mobile Germany) when connected to there network. I also wonder, why the device doesn't connect to the Google-SLP-server when on wireless lan? Maybe the people here telling about not working GPS only tried to get a fix when connected to a wireless lan, or are in an mobile network not providing any aiding data. What changes are exactly in your new services.jar?
  5. Hello I'm on Modaco GR3 with your patched services.jar. BBA works great, but I have one problem: If I choose add application, nothing happens. The next window which as I think, should be a list of available apps is just black. So to add any of the predefined apps, I have to delete the complete settings of BBA to get it back to default. I also cannot add any other notification types (don't even know, if this is possible, because I cannot see the option). Any idea, why this happens and how to fix it? PS: A preview option during setting pulse or flashing options would be great.
  6. So is it the correct ZIP-Code or not? In Germany, we have zip-codes with 5 digits, no letters, so I'm not sure if this is the correct answer. Also will I take part in the drawing, if I did not fill that form, just follow the twitter accounts?
  7. What is the zip code? WA14 6NQ? Don't know these UK zip codes.
  8. Could you please upload the raw leak, as you got it? Could be very useful for the CM devs. Perhaps they can pull parts from it and combine them with the current CM7.
  9. Could someone please upload the complete framework-res.apk for FR19 with toggle buttons and without music? Thanks in advance.
  10. If they shedule it any further, they can completely leave it out and go strait to ice cream sandwich... I have given up my hopes on LG some time ago. This is my first and last smartphone from them. Hopefully there will be a completely bugfree Cryanogen-version soon.
  11. I found another bug in FR18b2: I've set the screen brightness to auto. When the battery low message comes up at 15%, the brightness is set to 100%. Before FR18, it went darker, which makes more sense imho.
  12. Same for me. Use a pre FR17 browser.apk. Seems like something has gone wrong during norwegian localization. As you are from Germany too, it seems this only occurs when language is set to german.
  13. @Paul: I did a complete wipe and format, but the browser search bug, I mentioned before is still present. Seems the search url that is loaded when you enter a search into the browser adress bar is not correct, so only google main page is loaded and not the search result. Copied over an older browser.apk from a pre FR17 rom and everything works fine again. Seems like there has been broken something during norwegian translation. Btw: Everything is set to german... Maybe this problem is language dependent. Could you please have a look in this before next release?
  14. A great stress test seems to be Dungeon Defender, which is free at the market. From my experiences, if the phone is able to run this for 10-20 minutes, it is stable. BTW: For my device stock-100 mV is stable in every step :P But added another 50 mV to be on the safe side under all circumstances...
  15. I didn't know that. The strange thing is, I never had seen this other screen before fr17. Maybe it was a bug in older versions or caused by an app or sth... Edit: Does anyone else have the search bug?
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