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  1. Hi Paul! Do you know why setting "config_sip_wifi_only" to false doesn't work on Gr6? Is that something to do with LG modifications? Patched my framework-res.apk: all my mods are working fine, but this doesn't have any effect on SIP availability under GPRS/3G. EDIT: Actually, it works, just not as I expected. It works only with 3G. When in 2G/GPRS mode, it behaves as though there was no network connection. Probably a feature. Is this right? The AOSP SIP source doesn't distinguish between 3G and GPRS, so I expected it to work all the time with Data Enabled.
  2. I cannot send MMS's with Gr6... I tried the ext3 MCK and stock kernel + CM APN list and stock APN list, nothing doing. Complete wipe between them. Data and everything else is working fine. As soon as I push "Send", I get "currently unable to send your message..." error toast repeating instantly over and over until the SMS/MMS app crashes. It's not network settings, nor provider. The error is instant. I get hundreds of these error in my logcat: D/MobileDataStateTracker( 1142): unable to determine APN availability PS: - I flashed the recommended BB first (LGP990AT-00-V20l-EUR-XX-OCT-20-2011) in the phone, it says: 1035.21_20110725 (GetRIL says V20o) - Tried with 622 BB, same result - Tried with two different networks (I flashed 2 O2X's), same result - String "unable to determine APN availability" in not in the original AOSP Gingerbread source - Using Google SMS/MMS app, not the LG one Anybody? THANKS! EDIT: Reposted from a different thread (originally posted in Fr thread by mistake), sorry. EDIT: Pinned it down and fixed it. :) By incrementally adding stuff from default kitchen options (product of which worked, as I found out) up to my desired config that didn't work. Turns out, Toggle 2G breaks data services! Exactly the same kitchen config, one without Toggle 2G, one with. One works like a charm, the other cannot send or receive MMS and causes issues with APN configuration/selection. Even MMS-only APN (for MMS without Internet APN) works now. That never worked for me before. All down to this Toggle hack. Just thought it might help somebody in a similar situation. See ya!
  3. That's bogus, man. Just active data (actual transfers) will kill your battery in 24h. If you also had WiFi, BT, GPS and made several calls, then you're either mystifying or had it plugged in a USB frequently or it was asleep the whole time. :) Having these "ON" doesn't mean they're active, you know -- if you had the phone in sleep mode for the duration of 50h and just called 3 times, then what you say is quite expected, because those chips weren't actually fully powered. I mean come on, just browsing the web with Flash and lots of images via 3G will drain your whole battery in well under 6 hours. With the phone LCD ON to make actual use of WiFi + BT + GSM and data, you're looking at couple of hours battery life. Not 50. Seriously. This release is definitely very buggy, many people sharing the same issues or subsets of issues. It's probably not a MCR issue, rather crap in the original LG SW. Strange is that different groups of people share different bugs, not everybody reports everything. It could be network and HW-revision dependent. I'm gonna try the stock LG ROM just to eliminate possible MCR influence, but I doubt it will help. I went almost a day after installing this ROM without any issues. Then bam! Two deal-breakers in 16 hours. The phone was hotter while asleep than with any intensive computation I had running ever. Full charge gone in 2 hours. That never happened with 2.2 ROMs.
  4. First off: Was charging whole night. Data completely off since the last heatup/reboot yesterday. 2G network mode only. No heat up or reboots since then. Yesterday I had data ON and 3G. Heating & associated battery issues could be caused by the radio. Too soon to say. Battery is OK, actually very good, but probably because of another issue that appeared today instead: since sometime in the morning until about noon, the phone lost network connection. I found out an hour ago. Dark gray sig. mon. with little red "X". As if you disable GSM. I tried Airplane ON/OFF, but phone still not getting reception. Had to force switch from GSM to WCDMA to re-connect and then switch back. Now I have normal, full reception again. But for a couple of hours, the phone was offline without any warning. Had to force GSM connect/disconnect to get it back. Now, two hours later (4hrs after charging, ~2-3 of which w/o GSM) there's still 99% of battery left. If that's accurate, then we could get good running times when the issues are resolved. Both issues seem to be pointing to the radio. Could be one issue, really.
  5. It happened again, just now. Take it to call, it's hot, battery 55%, so I attach ADB to see what's going on and 5 secs later, I see com.lge.poweroff starting and phone shuts down. After restart, battery down to 1%. The reboot is definitely triggered by me attaching the USB cable and/or opening ADB session -- both times it was happily running mad hot, with enough battery remaining, but as soon as I plug it in, it shuts down. I repeat - it's a controlled shutdown, app-initiated. In fact, it's a Java app that's doing it. Seems like an intentional logic. I don't believe it's overheat protection, because the phone was warm for a long time and shut down only after (and as soon as) I attached ADB. What's weird is that there are no CPU-runaway processes at the time. The only is "system_server" at around 20% CPU. That's not much. It looks to me like something related to Tegra chips. Last time the biggest CPU eater at the time of shutdown was "nvrm_daemon". Either way, CPU usage was negligible, so the source of drainage and heat dissipation must be something else. There's not much we can do about this. It's a problem in the platform libs and binaries. Especially the proprietary nVidia stuff. Next time I'll concentrate on logcat. I feel like I'll have many opportunities to debug this in the 5 sec window. FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!
  6. Just try a different kernel, nothing else could screw the performance so badly. Mine is just as smooth and stable as Fr19. I found a first problem myself. Charged the phone before going to bed. Played some mp3's while in bed, then stand-by. In the morning, battery was at 77%. Not a good performance. Lost 20% just overnight doing nothing, suspended. I pick it up and go to work. Here, I touch it and it's completely overheating! Battery says 70%. I attach ADB to check which process is causing the gratuitous heavy CPU load. Before "top" finishes, the phone self-reboots (via com.lge.poweroff)! Battery now says 20%. Something screws the ROM badly - system parts are all stock LG. I'm gonna have to watch it now and analyze what's going on next time it starts heating up. Battery reporting is waaay off too, basically useless for estimating remaining charge. I don't like this. Another half-assed release. WTF, LG?!
  7. Photo mode shutter sound can be disabled via settings menu. Video start/stop doesn't have any sound... Plenty of stuff can also be changed in /data/data/com.android.camera/shared_prefs/arc_camera_prefs.xml -- without APK patching.
  8. Zoom, while recording or stand-by, is working fine on my O2X. Are you using r26/27 MCK kernel? I use stock LG version (didn't select any kernel options in the kitchen) and everything is super fast, smooth and no features are missing. No freezes. If anyone is interested in SMS/MMS app from Android 2.3.7 with my changes, let me know: - MMS image scaling algorithm changed to use as much of the 300KB limit as possible (up to 1920x1920 resolution, higher JPEG quality range) - MMS user agent changed to Sony Ericsson W800i (helps with some MMSC's) - Avg. MMS image size when sending: 13KB (vanilla) -> 250KB (my mod)
  9. If you have a working ADB and e.g. CWM recovery, it's super-easy. 1) Power off, PowerOn button + VolDown button until recovery appears 2) Choose "mounts" in the top-level menu 3) Choose "mount /system" 4) Connect phone via USB to your PC and issue this ADB command: adb push C:\path\to\my\Camera.apk /system/app/ 5) Choose "umount /system" 6) Choose "reboot"
  10. Went from BB 622 Fr19 to BB 0725 and your new Gr5 with stock kernel (no MCK). - No issues whatsoever, have to see how long battery lasts yet. With my personal tweaks (too many to count), Fr19 lasts ~3 days on one charge. I've even gone 4 days with data/WiFi/BT disabled. Will report back. - I'm not seeing any of the issues mentioned here. - I replaced all of the vanilla Google apps in the ROM with my own 2.3.7_r1 build. - Camera works fine, even zoom while recording FullHD video. If anyone's interested, I patched Camera.apk again with the following changes: - 1080p video (h.264): 24 -> 30 FPS - 1080p audio bitrate (AAC): 64 kbps -> 128 kbps - 1080p super fine bitrate: 9528 kbps -> 19056 kbps (even @ 25Mbps was smooth, but no visible quality bonus) - 1080p fine bitrate: 7038 kbps -> 9528 kbps - 1080p normal bitrate: 5130 kbps (no change) - 720p video (h.264): 30 FSP (no change) - 720p audio bitrate (AAC): 64 kbps -> 128 kbps - 720P super fine bitrate: 4096 kbps -> 8192 kbps - 720P fine bitrate: 3072 kbps -> 4096 kbps - 720P normal bitrate: 2048 kbps (no change) - Quicktime 3GPP container (*.3gp) changed to ISO MP4 (*.mp4) for all video files Other resolutions are left on original settings, those seem appropriate. Above numbers were chosen based on visual feedback testing and best perceived quality of the recordings. The lowest (NORMAL) settings is left the same (for people with small SD's, etc), while every next step basically doubles the bitrate. Much better scale/range than stock LG presets. If you have tips for other values, let me know. Audio bitrate boost has a very noticeable impact on audio quality. Switch from proprietary crap 3GP to standard ISO MP4 is purely a matter of my preference - no quality/size advantage. APK is not signed with Paul's platform keys, obviously, so it first needs to be uninstalled, then pushed in. To keep LG Home / Launcher app. menu icon position and "system" status, replace the APK using ADB in recovery mode, then boot. All of the Camera mods are tested and working perfectly. I modded the previous versions of LG Camera a week after I purchased the phone, so it has about 7 months of testing. Camera.apk [1.5M]: http://oron.com/jne75xl4evwa Cheers! Great ROM. PS: As a senior enterprise UNIX specialist I can tell you that going to all this trouble just for EXT4 is arguable, at best. EXT2/3 has the same real-world performance on this HW (or better, in most cases) and is much easier on the block wear of the FLASH memory. Without special settings and tuning for MTD, EXT4 is doing more harm than good. Just a friendly advice.
  11. Hi, what about NVflash images? After all, that's the only supported and appropriate tool for nVidia-based HW like Optimus 2X. NVflash is also multiplatform, many people don't use/have Windows... Please, provide a plain BIN flash image for use with nvflash too. Thank you!
  12. Not to press the issue, but does anybody have some experience with MoDaCo custom-baked ROMs and the LG PC Suite? The phone is not detected by the suite (running Fr12). I used mostly stock options with some extras added. Is there perhaps a particular APK required on the phone to make this work? Thanks for support!
  13. Hello, I use Linux exclusively, but my father has Windows and after I flashed his O2X, his LG PC Suite stopped working. He can no longer use the phone as a modem, etc. It's a biggie, really. I never noticed anybody mentioning this can happen. What's the best way to fix this ASAP? Thanks
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