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  1. I think curry's have a 21 day return policy for unopened goods, certainly for online sales at least, but as you have used it then that option does not seem to apply. If you ordered it online then you have 7 days to return it for a refund even if you have used it. If you walked into a store and bought one off the shelf then they are only obliged to do something if the product is faulty which it is not. You can try taking it back to the store and argueing that the poor screen makes it unusable for you, but I wouldn't hold out much hope on getting a refund. Possibly the best option would be to stick the latest version of vegacomb on it and then resell it, some people don't like messing with custom roms so you may get most of your money back that way.
  2. Sorry, I hadn't realised as it doesn't work for me I just assumed you still needed to use opera mini. Obviously there is something amiss with my install, I may need to reflash.
  3. For those of you not too keen on opera mini, flash etc seems to be working perfectly in Maxthon Mobile for 10" tablets off the market which I much prefer to opera mini myself
  4. I have to admit to installing this from moddedstock version 1 as I am lazy and everything is working perfectly, apart from flash in opera mini. This hasn't posed a problem though as it is now working in maxathon for tablets which is a better browser imo The whole thing is blisteringly fast compared to 1.7 A big thank you to those involved
  5. If you are not interested in the app side of things and only use it for browsing then you are probably fine sticking with r8 if you are happy with it. I haven't tried vegacomb yet, I will wait until flash is properly sorted before giving it a go. I would add though, that I swapped from r8 to corvus5 a month or so ago and I would recommend that change even if all you do is browsing as it is much smoother/faster on my vega at least
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