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  1. Is this after the rom is installed? Here's the instructions I followed last time (for this bit) c. Once complete and back at the clockwork menu… you must wipe d. Select wipe data/factory reset e. Select wipe cache partition f. Then choose reboot system now That worked perfectly last time, but no joy this time around.
  2. Just tried the CM7 rom as well, does the same thing. Something isn't right in the process. Hmmm.
  3. Where am I going wrong? I've already installed this rom about six weeks ago with no problem at all. I've since smashed that phone (car door accident) and bought a new one. I've followed the same instructions yet when I reboot the phone at the end of it all, it just freezes on the Android logo. I can restore back to the Orange rom, and that works fine, but this rom isn't having it.
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