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  1. Now it works, but with some apps i get some glitch, with opera and fb the status bar is white not black :/ anyway to fix it?
  2. Any way to sync fb events with my calendar at this rom ? I tryed adding fb to sync options but there i can oly sync contacts no calendar event :x and the problem with sms is likely gone, i get sometimes double sms but no more sms freez or smth like that, my sms app was @ sd card and now i moved it back to phone and it seems everything works fine now :)
  3. Any one have problems with receiving sms ? i use GO SMS Pro and sometimes i don't get the sms when ppl send them to me. I usually get them all at once at some time, can it be problems with app or more likely with conection?
  4. Nice job man :) can't wait for cm10.1 mods :) btw maybe u can make text white not blue? it looks strange with transparent notification bar sometimes ;)
  5. bump :blush: anyone know anything about LED? Whne i get SMS it blinks only when screen is on and when it turns off the led is off, but when i get miss call led is on all the time i cechk the missed call ://////
  6. Any way to make LED notification on SMS to ? Now i get only when i miss call :) And what about Memory management if i increase zRam i get more performance? and should i check the box Kernel samepage merging?
  7. That headset bug is so strange sometimes its ok sometimes not,,, if u plug out ur headsets and then plug them in after some time it usually play through headsets, but if u plug them in immediately sound will definetly go through speaker :|
  8. Does any one else have problem with headsets? When u plug them in and music plays through speacker and not through headsets. Its a deal breaker and this rom looks very nice :x
  9. Any way to turn off that msg "headset is plugged in" ? and i dont get why but i have problems with headset, when i put them in music starts to play from speackers not from the headphones and when i ceck the tab launch music app there is no powerAMP in the list. Safe headset volume cechked or unceked the sound will be always at lower levels :/ any one have these problems? P.S which oc governor is the best for this rom? smartassV2 ? and any good sound boost apps? I don't like DPS Manager and Volume+ dont work on JB
  10. how the hell to make status bar so big ? Its like new chines phones with JB? Do u need JB and mode it some how ?
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