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  1. So around 3 weeks ago my one year old knocked my Xiaomi Redmi Note 3G out of my hands and on to the brickword. The result: a permanent smashed glass effect emanating from the corner. The screen still works fine so I'm still using the phone as my primary device. Unfortunately it does not seem cost effective to repair. So I've been on the lookout for a replacement. Being based in Singapore I try to take advantage of the budget device segment on account of there being no import taxes on items less than $280USD. Having tried a bunch of different phones so far from across the world I do not consider myself a total newbie. But the technology seems to have changed tremendously in the year and a half I've been out of it, and catching up has been quite a task. Within the Android ecosystem I have so far owned and used the Orange San Francisco (ZTE Blade), Jiayu G2, Mi2A and now the Xiaomi Redmi Note 3G. I have also bought for family members and used to varying extents the Motorola Defy, LG Optimus 2X, Sony Xperia Activ, Xiaomi's Mi 1S, Redmi Note 4G, Redmi 2 and Mi Note. Some of these phones I have also rooted and have installed custom ROMS on. In my search for a replacement a Youtube review pointed me to the Blu Life One X, which in turn led me to the Micromax Canvas 5 and Wiko Rainbow. Wandering through the interwebs I stumbled on the Micromax Yu premium range phones in particular noting the Yutopia and Yureka Plus (which gets lots of love in these forums). I then bumped into the Coolpad Note 3, newer Note 3 Lite, Lenovo K3 Note, Lenovo Z90-7 and crashed into the Elephone M2 and P9000 (in all its variants). I slipped under the Nexus 6P, Nexus 5X and Honor 7, dodged around the Wileyfox Storm and Swift, and staggered against the Vodafone Smart Ultra. After all that emotional trauma I'm now lingering on the LeEco Le 1s (a horrible horrible sounding name when pronounced correctly), Xiaomi Redmi Note 3, Honor 5 and the in-title Lenovo K4 Note. At the very least I guess this little rant should give you an idea of the sheer variety of devices out there. Though reviews (in particular addressing the camera performance) are still forthcoming I sort of like the Lenovo K4 Note. Here are a list of some features that have caused me to sway towards it and why: 1. 3GB of RAM Why? When using Xiaomi's devices the MIUI skinning was way too memory hungry. There was a time when I thought 2GB was more than enough, but it seems that custom UIs love to keep growing to fill up the empty space. So the more memory the better - despite the hit to battery life. 2. NFC Because other devices of this price range don't seem to have this feature - and it's useful for use with certain apps. Also you can use it to effect profile changes at home/office etc. 3. Camera with PDAF and dual tone flash - power button tapped twice shoots without screen switching on Should mean at least slightly faster shooting, less shutter lag and less weird flash photography. All phone cameras are inherently handicapped in low light due to the relatively small sensor within. But these additional features may help things seem less horrible. In particular for me, with a fast growing kid of many moods, I want to capture as many interesting moments as I can. Noisy images be damned as long as the camera reacts quickly, shoots fast and can take 'sufficiently' detailed and focused images. My Xiaomi phone is quite weak in this regard so any improvement would be good here. 4. Network compatibility A secret super power of this phone is that it supports a HUGE number of networks. Over here in Singapore we use frequencies 1800MHz and 2600MHz for 4G networds. In India and Sri Lanka (where I am from) its 1800MHz and 2300MHz. In the US it's different again. Also it has support for 900MHz 4G, which is great if your service provider provides it as indoor signal penetration is superior on this frequency. In Singapore Singtel provides 900MHz - but I'll have to switch service provider - hmmm, something to consider... 5. Front facing speakers (TWO of them): Finally can listen to my podcasts without placing phone inside a plastic curved bowl 6. The Lenovo brand Why does this matter? I'll tell you! Based on my experience with Chinese phones of unknown brands (Jiayu G2 and G3 - which my brother owned) the specs look great on paper. But compromises can be made to those components that DO NOT APPEAR in the specs sheet. For e.g - the earpiece may not be loud enough or microphone can be weak, the GPS may take ages to lock on, the USB port may stop charging the phone (yegad!), etc. Xiaomi's early phones had some of these problems but now they seem to have tightened up their act - having become a more respectable brand I suppose. But no branding can mean compromises - the processor and GPU are not everything. You need a phone that can do its basic job. 7. Fingerprint sensor Never used one before. Reviews suggest the implementation is good. I expect that it'll be useful to unlock the device when carrying said 1 year old in my other hand. 8. Included case Great to protect from those those drops resulting in artistic glass cracks emanating from corners 9. Potential for custom ROM development Looking at the uptake I am hopeful that developers will take an interest. I don't personally care for the Marshmallow upgrade. But I do want existing features to work, and work well, and work fast, and improve battery life. Perhaps that processor can be overclocked. Maybe even undervolted. But it seems like the potential exists. 10. Alleged 'advanced sound input and recording capabilities' No reviews seem to complain about the microphone performance. With three microphones it had better do a good job cancelling noise and making me sound LOUD AND CLEAR to the other party. In particular when I'm commuting in a noisy bus, or in a MRT, or walking alongside the never ending construction that goes on here. 11. Bloatware can be removed. Apps can be installed on the SD card. Good news.. good news... Ok that's enough of my rant. To me it seems like quite a well balanced device and priced well. What say you all?
  2. Hey there guys. After my last Chinese phone died on me catastrophically due to it a busted power circuit I was left high and dry with absolutely no communication device. I eventually got a Xiaomi Redmi Note in double quick time. But the bad previous experience made me realize I have absolutely no backup phone. So I searched around and found my old Blade. Switched it on and it started just fine, plus the screen looks pretty darn good for such an ancient device. Unfortunately the digitizer had completely died on me and it was non-responsive to touch. So I purchased a digitizer off ebay and installed it today. And the phone works! YAY! So it seems that the last ROM I had on this baby was Swedish Snow RLS7 (Android 2.3.5 Gingerbread). I believe it was developed by Konstat. So this phone is going to be my backup. I'll keep it running as an alarm clock and hour chime and such, for the occasional fiddling around, and maybe a baby music box (for ol' baby kidson). But if I want to upgrade ROMs is this the one to go for? And if so can I flash it using CyanogenMod in the old fashioned way? Or do I need to check partitions n such? Advice much appreciated. The Blade was truly a revolutionary device.
  3. I have the Xiaomi Redmi Note Dual SIM phone. For the time being, as I'm not traveling, I've got just the one SIM card slot active. The other SIM slot's just lying there empty and unused. I wondered if it was possible to make use of it for some other purpose. Are there SIM cards out there that can do other specific stuff: e.g - act as a NFC transmitter/receiver unit or something similar? Just a question that popped in my head. Probably a dead end. But thought I'd throw it out there anyway.
  4. I'm really impressed with this phone people. Compared to the G2 it's a true upgrade. But of course it costs a lot more too but I've come to realize the additional numbers are justifiable. Lighter and thinner body, better outer finish, great software, fabulous screen that is far superior to the G2, hardware (GPS, microphone etc.) that work very well, absolutely superb battery life - I can't even run my phone down 50% in one day, this despite the battery being the same size as the G2. Also there seems to be great audio hardware in the phone - my music sounds ever so much nicer and clearer.
  5. Thanks. It came with MIUI V5. I do not know what changes there have been over previous MIUI versions. But it seems a well integrated ROM. And yes, everything seems to work just fine. On average I'm using up about 50% of battery life per day. Will have to see if this continues.
  6. Actually I'd already installed the Lewa custom ROM. It improved the phone quite a bit. Software wise Jiayu remains good. The trouble is that the Jiayu seems to have cut corners in other components. The stuff that nobody cares too much about and assume will just work fine, or the stuff that don't really show up on the specs sheet. I mean, for example in my case, the microphone and GPS antenna. It seems to me that they've picked these components from the bottom of the bucket in order to keep the phone cost low. You may get a fast processor, big battery, great RAM, sharp screen etc., but if the GPS doesn't work properly a part of the modern smart phone experience is lost. If the microphone is weak you can't use the phone as a phone, and so on. Perhaps others have earpiece problems. The problem with picking out low quality components is that you have to be lucky. Anyway I bought the Xiaomi 2A. Took the gamble without reading any reviews. I got it in about 1 week with fast shipping. Cost me around 290USD$ all included. The phone software is all MIUI. It doesn't come installed with gapps etc. but the community forums were helpful. GPS works! The microphone is clear. The screen looks better than the G2. The battery life is good. My only niggle is that MIUI seems to take up a lot of RAM (I only have 200MB free to start), but perhaps this has to do with some of those Chinese apps which maybe can be deleted.
  7. It's unfortunate but my G2 has a hardware issue on the USB female end. The charging light does not come on unless I sit the plug in just right, and tilt it in a certain way. I think it's just a matter of time before I am unable to charge it at all. So I am now on the lookout for a new phone. I intend to use Aliexpress. The delivery has been reliable to me so far. Of the Chinese phones, I am only familiar with ZTE, Xiaomi and Jiayu. I think I will not go with Jiayu again. The phone has unfortunately been less durable than I expected (my screen is cracked on the side as well). It is also not up to par hardware wise, i.e. I have a weak microphone (solved using mobile uncle) and weak GPS antenna. The camera has also been just so so. A good phone for the money but I am not the most careful person with my electronic stuff. I did not have the same troubles with my Orange San Francisco though, so I do find the differences in hardware quality to be puzzling. Not all Chinese phones are made alike. Anyway, is there anyone else that has moved on from this phone? If so what has been your replacement? I'm pondering over the ZTE V970 but the battery size is a bit of a turn off. I am also considering a Xiaomi phone. Either the M1s or M2. I understand also that there have been a few new phones from this company but I don't know anything about them. I guess the appeal would be MIUI straight from the company. Regular updates and whatnot. But is the hardware there? Does the GPS work? Does the microphone give any problems? The answers to this I don't know. Comments are welcome. I will spend about 3 days researching and make my buy on May Day!
  8. Shahmatt

    Jiayu G2 Review

    Ah. That sounds about right. My battery life has reduced since the JB upgrade. I wonder if the Lewa or other custom ROMs have better battery life. If so I shall have a go I think.
  9. Shahmatt

    Jiayu G2 Review

    I've mentioned earlier that I had a microphone problem. I seem to have got the issue solved. I followed instructions in this link: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=37713731&postcount=56 (post 56) @ aliard, How's the battery life on that ROM?
  10. Hmmmm. I'm not sure what the trouble is then. A strange problem to me. You've tried Juicedefender? What kind of battery life are you getting now? Yes, I think the GPS antenna is weak on these phones.
  11. I was just reading this: http://techideki.com/jiayu-g3-official-firmware-update-g3-20121129-082828/ The chap says that kernel sources for the MTK 6577 chip are now made public. Would this mean that there is potential for ROM development on the G2? Also, on a side note. Can anyone comment on GPS lock on times? Takes ages for me. :-/
  12. You should switch off wifi and bluetooth when not in use. This saves a lot of battery. Also are you using both SIM slots? Two active SIMs will cause a higher battery consumption. You can try enabling 2G speeds instead of 3G - under "Settings" -> Wireless & Networks: "More" -> "GPRS transfer prefer...". If all else fails try downloading Juice Defender and using the "Balanced" profile. This minimizes phone data connections to every 15 or 30 mins for sync purposes - saving you some battery life. I find Juice Defender's notification settings to be a nuisance so I disable this and use the widget to force enable data for when I need it for music streaming etc. Do you charge your phone through AC power or through the USB from a computer? USB charging is much much slower than regular AC power and the G3 has a HUGE 2750mAh battery which can take a while to fill up. Having said that 5hrs on AC power is not too long either. My G2 (2000mAh) charges at the rate of 15% per half hour I think - about 3 and a half hours is comfortable. Big batteries have longer charge times. I don't have a G3. Can you please comment on your GPS lock on times. I want to do a comparison with my G2.
  13. Shahmatt

    Jiayu G2 Review

    I used the GPS status app and used the "download/reset A-GPS" feature, and it seemed to help. Sometimes the GPS locks on quickly. At other times it's much slower. Sometimes switching off and on the GPS EPO assistance also helps. I have not found a strong solution to the problem yet. I rely on GPS a lot too and this has come my main problem with this phone. Hopefully a decent solution will be found soon.
  14. I own a Jiayu G2 which is about a 100 pounds. 1GHz dual core CPU, dual SIM, a very nice 4" IPS screen and 2000mAh battery. I've been using this phone for about a month now. I've rooted it but have not flashed any recovery. I'm presently looking into alternatives to CWM. There is no urgent need to have recovery since the stock ROM is almost vanilla and plenty stable for daily use. The phone battery is long lasting. I hammer it hard with streaming music and surfing and I always seem to have enough to get through the day. Big batteries are nice! But on the other hand I only use one SIM slot. I'm guessing with two radios in operation the phone will last much less time. More battery is better for dual SIM phones. Also, the camera is pretty awful! The G3 is similar, but has a larger 4.7" screen with higher resolution and 2750mAh battery but with the same CPU as the G2. In theory at least the G2 should perform better than the G3 on account of the lower resolution (but still nice) screen. My brother has ordered the G3 so I should be able to put up a comparison review soon.
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