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  1. Just a little bug: Today I've used google maps navigation and music with my headphones. I wasn't able to switch to the next or previous song with a long press of the volume buttons. If i pressed the buttons for a long time, the music was very loud for a short time.
  2. Will there be ever a tpt all-in-one flash solution with integrated gapps? That would be awesome!
  3. Swedish Köttbullar? Excellent work, KonstanT!
  4. Today i have seen a random reboot at Google Maps Navigation.
  5. It is possible to make a AOSP Rom? Just Android - Nothing more exept Google Apps? In my opinion: what will you get? Perfect! Not nessesary. That apps should be in this rom -barcode scanner -battery calibration -blade buddy -newest google apps -gmail -maps 5.6 -youtube -es file explorer -launcher pro -sd speed increase -Patched skype (so sound comes thru earpiece) NON updatable -spare parts plus -Titanium backup NEEDS TO BE DONE / BUGS -Notification bar power widget Perfect! -Add CM style power widget Perfect! -Replace ZTE dialer with AOSP dialer Perfect! -tweak autobrightness Perfect! -CRT off animation Perfect! -Reboot options in power menu Perfect! -Tweaking of the theme Vanilla Gingerbread please -Enable overclocking Perfect! -Add A2SD GUI app Perfect! -Add No-frills CPU control app Perfect! -Fix audio for SIP Perfect! -Add DSP manager app Perfect! -Tweak ringtones Perfect! -Sign zip so it can be installed with other rommanager (now only clockwork will work) Not nessesary atm in my opinion -Fix bug: google doesn't restore system settings/apps owned in market Perfect! Less is more!

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