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  1. I'm going to try just flashing the system.img to start with to see if that lets the OTA install... Then maybe the stock recovery as well... The fully back to stock, I suppose! EDIT: I ended up downloading stock ROM and (after checking the flashall.sh script to convince myself that it didn't wipe anything) just ran flashall.sh and that all updated fine back to the stock 4.3, and then it happily installed the OTA update. All data, etc. intact at the end which is exactly what I was hoping to manage,
  2. Is adding the superuser apk all that has changed in /system? I might have a go at removing that later and then having another go with the OTA update... My final goal is probably installing CM but I thought I'd give stock Kitkat a go first (with the minimal amount of complete wipes!).
  3. My Kitkat update has just appeared (UK retail) but it gives me an unhelpful "error" early on when it tries to install. Has anyone had the OTA update install properly after using the Option 2 modified recovery method for rooting? I suspect I need to revert to the original recovery. Is this doable without a complete wipe and install of a stock ROM?
  4. I see something similar: when waking up form deep sleep, the lock screen clock initially shows an old time (the time when it entered sleep) for about half a second but then updates to the current time. When I unlock, the status bar time is correct. The past few builds have done this, maybe even longer back. I'd always assumed that the lock screen widget didn't bother keeping up with the correct time until it had to display it again. This is with time and time zone provided by network.
  5. Thanks for the pointers. Sorry if it's a bit off-topic but might help others: I had a quick go at just straight converting them (ffmpeg -i foo_bar.mpg -profile baseline foo_bar.mp4) and it did let me select hardware decoding but was still laggy (resolution was 720x576 scaled to 1024x576 for the correct aspect ratio). I'm now rescaling to 512x288, i.e. half the scaled resolution with: ffmpeg -i foo_bar.mpg -profile baseline -s 512:288 foo_bar.mp4 These seem to play back pretty much perfectly, although bizarrely MxPlayer immediately exits if I have it set to h/w as default decoder. However, I can immediately switch to h/w and it's happy! Such is life! :)
  6. What precise video codecs are currently supported for hardware decoding with, e.g., mxplayer? I've got a set of mpeg2 files that I want to encode (to keep a small child amused on a train journey!) but any formats I've tried so far will only play back with SW decoding, and even the mpeg2 files are a bit jerky! :(
  7. I've just discovered that BubbleUPNP works with the latest release (12th of Jan). That hasn't worked for a long while. :)
  8. Is the zip flashable from within (previous version of) CWM or do I need to dd the image onto the partition? I've not installed CWM since I originally did a couple of years back!
  9. I've been testing pretty much every one of Konstat's releases of 4.0, 4.1, and now 4.2 since about July and very impressed with the progress for what is now a relatively underpowered phone! Kudos to all involved. :) I've never bothered upgrading CWM from (I think it is; could be currently upgrading to latest ROM so can't check!). Is there any advantage to upgrading it to OK, I don't currently have touch support but I'm not convinced I'd trust that enough to use it! ;) I'm fairly happy testing ROMs because I know I can go back to a backup from before installation. My current CWM seems to do all that I need so is there any point in touching it?
  10. Aha! I had all of the animation scale settings set to 0.5x and so didn't see it! Window animation set to 1x and it's back. :) I thought it'd be something silly like that!
  11. I must be missing something here but where is the option to enable the CRT animation? I can't see it anywhere (and yes I have just upgraded the ROM!). I used to use it in previous ROMs and was happy to see that it had returned! Coincidentally, I also see the brief flash of the screen if I press the power button to turn on, see the lock screen, and then press the power button again to turn it off (obviously without the animation enabled!). The same effect if I let the lock screen timeout.
  12. I had the the problem that when I updated to the 09092012 release I had a boot loop when I tried to unlock (I already had a PIN unlock set from the previous release). This is down to a bug in CM10 rather than Konstat's ROM. What I did was reflash the previous release, turn off the lock-screen altogether, and reflash the newer ROM. I then made a backup with cwm and started testing different lock options. Swipe unlock is fine but trying PIN unlock again gave the boot loop and I restored from my backup. I can live with swipe unlock until it gets fixed! :)
  13. Just upgraded to the 09092012 release from 01092012. Initially I just wiped the cache and Dalvic cache and then installed as before. All seemed to go OK until I tried to unlock with a swipe as per usual and all I got was a reboot. Same thing each time I tried to unlock it (SIM unlocks fine!). I then tried wiping the data partition and I went through the initial setup, etc. I though that had fixed it until I tried to unlock it later on and it rebooted again. I couldn't unlock it: all it did was reboot. I just did a straight reinstall of the 01092012 release (no wipes at all) and it all works again! Maybe this is down to how I have my lock screen set? I have it set for PIN but also showing widgets (weather, next calendar event) on the lock screen. Anyone else come across this?
  14. That's probably the next step: my main worry was whether it would actually install seeing as Blade Checker couldn't tell me what Gen it was! :-) And seeing as you've just released a new update that's an excuse to do it "properly" this evening... I assume if I wipe data/factory reset I'll have to set up my APNs and reinstall all of my apps? (I've been hacking unix + linux stuff for years but haven't quite worked out where Android stores various bits!) Is it better to reinstall apps from Google Play or restore from backup?
  15. I'd seen that there wasn't going to be an official CM9 for the Blade and I then found this (and related) unofficial CM9 ROMs a couple of days back. Having avidly read all the good feedback on this ROM, I decided to take the plunge. Having read as much as I could find, I was still not totally convinced that it would work. It seems to work very well so far! :-) My Blade had been happily running a nightly build of CM7 from August last year. At the time I think (it was a while back...) that I upgraded it from Gen1 to Gen2. If I run Blade Checker, it tells me that it thinks it's a Gen3 but also Gen2 updated with TPT and gives an error message. The system partition is 160MB and there is a 2 MB cache. Not knowing whether this ROM would work (having seen the error from Blade Checker!) I didn't want to touch the partitions so that a backup of my current ROM would fit in the partitions! This was my upgrade process... I upgraded Clockwork Mod Recovery to the latest version and then made a backup. I backed up various apps with Titanium Backup although I've not needed them. I copied the CM9 and gapps zipfiles to my SD card and checked their md5sums I wiped the cache and the Dalvik cache (I don't think this is actually needed but it regenerates anyway): I didn't wipe /system or do a factory reset. I then installed the CM9 zipfile (At this point I rebooted having forgotten to install the gapps zipfile! Rebooted back into Clockwork Mod Recovery) I then installed the gapps zipfile Then rebooted again. After a bit of application upgrading during the first boot, I was back into my Blade but with ICS. So far, the only thing I've had to do is add some apps back onto my desktop and enter details for my google account. All wifi settings were retained and so were the mobile APNs (which I had diligently copied out before the upgrade!). Other than that, pretty much everything is how I had it before the upgrade (even the same wallpaper!). I know there are still bugs to iron out but one thing I do keep getting is "Unfortunately Clock stopped responding" messages although the clock in the status bar seems to be happy, as does the analogue clock widget I have. Excellent work, KonstaT! :-)
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