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  1. same problem on my Blade, and yes, reboot solves it.
  2. big big big thanks to you, Mr. KonstaT. appreciate your continuous work on blade. now downloading to try it.
  3. hi peetu, finally, your updatescoming, thank you. unfortunately, I had a clean installation of konstT's 24/7 update, then followed by your 11/8 update -blue center clock. tried 3 times and got the same results: statusbar dissappeared.
  4. nestlew, did you have clockworkMod recovery installed on your phone? reboot into recovery, there's a command of "battery calibration", do it may help. try searching the forum for detailed instructions.
  5. peetu, thank you for your latest work. unfortunately, it doesn't seem work properly. with konstaT's 19/4 version, I flashed "blue centered clock + 25% transparent pulldown + 100% transparent status bar". generally, transparent statusbar works on hemescreen / desktop, but in running most apps, the statusbar messes up. screenshot made for your reference, but it cannot be uploaded right now from my phone.
  6. Edit: finnally it works....to use application-specific password, instead of previously using account password then following a-s password. strange problem.... i've been using SS7 for more than 6 months. it's a great ROM. But long time using makes it fat and occasionally unstable, so last night i did a full wipe and reflash. and the problem is now I cannot setup my google account, it just says:“Sorry....your username and password do not match. please try again.” before installing, i wiped data, cache, formatted system, wiped dalvik cache. i reset my google account password and tried times again, same result. i succeeded signing in with the username/password on my PC and mobile browsers. just cannot setup the Account. anyone could give me some advice? thanks a lot.
  7. anyone use Opera mobile on this Burtlam's ROM? that's the browser my always to use, but from the very early versions to the latest 7.0.0, it will suddenly stuck even make the phone lose response. The ROM IMO is best 4.x on zte blade, but this is the only thing unpleasant.
  8. JB not goog on my phone, so i'm back for ICS. thanks for your 7.0.0 work, burstlam.
  9. Hello KonstaT, did you notice that ZTE released Jelly Bean for N880E? is it helpful for your nice work on the Blade?
  10. yes, in the chinese thread burstlam gives a brief commment on JB: i know you guys are looking forward to JB, but personally i don't think it will bring tremendous changes to our blade. Instead more incompatibility may come. it's a good idea to look for your next phone. i tried flashing 6.7.0, full wiped, twice, failed to boot normally, so now staying on 6.9.7 and just waiting....
  11. yes, seems battery life improved a little, and videos in mobo player get lag.too. edit: angry birds space lags. :mellow:
  12. yes i've noticed this, when auto brightness on, incoming call screen on works well, while auto brightness off, incoming call screen keeps black, recalibrate the sensor or not. it used to work properly on 6.5.3 and now it's on 6.6.4. so strange... EDIT: for 6.5.3, i did a full-wiped install, as to 6.6.4, i just cleared the dalvik cache before upgrading. maybe that's the cause.

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