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  1. Hi all, where i can find italian pack for this rom? thanks in advance :)
  2. Hi guys, i have a big problem with this pulse mini, i tried to install by recovery a custom rom, obviously went wrong ... I forgot to do nandroid backup and now the phone is locked on t mobile logo .... what can I do? I can put files through adb?? the other problem is that cant recognize the device, please help, thanks in advance to all! sorry for my english
  3. hy all, great rom! fantastic job guys! only one question, app2sdgui no there is?thx
  4. mmhh... so is a limitation system than..ok, many thanks, for problem of light sensor instead? u have same problem? any idea? thanks
  5. HI all, anyone have problem with light sensor (CM7.1.83)? I would know also why I see very few mb free ram, 30 to 50, thanks bye
  6. hi all, thanks for great work for this terminal :unsure: but i want know if possible increase the sensitivity of touch screen! is possible? many thanks sorry for bad english :)
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