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  1. 2 Week timeframe? O_o Any chance someone could explain this for me?
  2. Any chance you could link me to the thread? Can't seem to find it :/
  3. Got it from Dialaphone (they also had it at Phones4U) but it seems that its out of stock except for the White version, which is £200 :/
  4. Hi all, Well the dreaded time has come and I've decided to give my San Francisco to my brother, and was wondering what the BEST stable ROM is? (I'm so used to using Nightlies, but my phone still reboots e.g in Maps, and I wanted a ROM that would just be stable) Also, I'm planning on moving to the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play, which costs only £150, so would that be a good deal/jump? Thanks for all your help, and I'll still be on here helping anyone I can :)
  5. Hi all, Just wondering what the best privacy app would be, mainly hiding my gallery purposes (I know what you're thinking, but its not that ;) ) because I have everyone going into it :angry: I currently use privacy guard, they can be free or paid, just whatever gets the job done ^_^ Thanks in advance!
  6. Whats the difference between the odexed version and the non-odexed version? Can somebody kindly link me to the better one? The first one seems to keep me stuck on the android logo and when it does boot it has no root access on titanium backup :/ EDIT: Just realised I have 140mb System, do I need to flash a Gen2 to Gen1 TPT then back to a 160mb Gen1 to Gen2 or can I just straight away flash another Gen1-Gen2 TPT thats 160mb
  7. Whats the difference between this new one and this one? : UPDATE: Flashed the first new burstslam zip, My home button didn't work anymore and didn't have root access for some reason :S
  8. Here's mine so far, Credits to Chris Banks for all the info! :)
  9. How did yu get you operator to the bottom of the status bar? And which lockscreen locker is that?
  10. with a resolution like that, i'm sure it will be successful on a serious note: where's your source? i wana read about this I found some info from the orange site : Here Looks like it will have: Operating System: Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) Camera: 5MP Color CMOS with Auto focus Color display: TFT, 800 x 480 pixels WVGA resolution, 262K colors, 3.5 inch Email: POP3 / IMAP4 / Mobile Mail Browser: HTML USB: Micro-USB 2.0 with High Speed Phone Memory: 512 MB Memory Card: Up to 32GB Micro SD Card
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