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  1. almighty15

    Stop vibrate when screen unlocks?

    Yep, stock Xolo ICS ROM and I've looked every where for, managed to find it on every android phone I've ever had but can't find it on this phone.
  2. I've looked every where but can't find it, am I being an idiot or is it just not there?
  3. almighty15

    Orange ICS Update

    Anyone have this in an update.zip file for download?
  4. almighty15

    Alternate Camera?

    Is it me or is the stock camera on the Xolo ICS ROM lacking in features? I can't find the ISO or settings for macro focus.. Any better Camera apps out there?
  5. almighty15

    ORANGE sim unlocking

    Got mine unlocked after 3 days of owning the phone. Told them that I wasn't happy with the signal, internet speed, tariff and there customer service, threatened to go to ofcom and after being passed between a few 'supervisors' they agreed to unlock it.
  6. Any chance you can upload the stock gallery apk? And maybe the stock camera apk? Cheers
  7. almighty15

    SIM lock status

    So do we have a list of what networks work? Orange T-mobile Virgin Anymore like tesco mobile for example?
  8. Don't want or like the Camera, camcorder or gallery apk's so does anyone have x86 compatible stock ICS versions I can use? I've tried using the AIO to deodex the ROM but it doesn't work.
  9. almighty15

    SIM lock status

    I know its the unique to each phones IMEI but it would be quite funny of they use the samw algorithm to generate a code. I'm going to try it
  10. almighty15

    SIM lock status

    Has any one tried the San Fran SIM unlock code generator? Would be funny if they used the same system as that.
  11. almighty15

    [Tool]AIO Tool for San Diego and xolo

    Sorted!!! Just need the stock ICS, camera, camcorder and gallery apps now and she's good to go :D
  12. almighty15

    [Tool]AIO Tool for San Diego and xolo

    Cant get root to work, installs SU just fine, install Titanium back up to remove apps and they won't go away. Tried Deodex and that doesn't work either I've checked again and the 27mb update is still asking to install so that's not the issue. Running the Xolo ICS ROM and not the Orange one. All I want is the Xolo ROM with all the bloatware removed
  13. almighty15

    [Tool]AIO Tool for San Diego and xolo

    I've not installed it, the options comes up to install it but I decline. I want to install the deodex Xolo ICS ROM, I've downloaded it but how do I install it?
  14. almighty15

    [Tool]AIO Tool for San Diego and xolo

    I can not get this program working for s***!!! I all I want is root on the Xolo ICS ROM
  15. almighty15

    CM 7 vs ICS or JB

    I agree, I've tried all the ICS and JB ROMS and GB is still the best ROM for the phone....

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