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  1. I've been looking around for a code for my Huawei w1 can you unlock those as its not mentioned in the OP. Also why does it take so long? most of the places I have found say 12 - 72 hours. Thanks
  2. Blade v looks pretty good for the money http://www.modaco.com/topic/364638-zte-blade-v-budget-quad-core-phone-coming-to-the-uk/
  3. I uploaded the new gapps elsewhere so others can avoid the queue http://www.multiupload.nl/8J8E0USHY2
  4. Thanks for the update Konstat! I would of ditched my blade ages ago if it werent for you still chucking out updates for it :) Anyone have a different link for the new gapps? damn hotfile and its download limits :(
  5. Have not tried the apps you mentioned but I have installed Strava without any problems.
  6. No Yes, read the first paragraph of the OP. I updated from KonstaT's CM9 rom to this without any problems or losing of data and apps, only had to wipe cache and sytem.
  7. No idea if it works on the latestas I dont like soft buttons on a device this small so havent checked. Make a backup before etc,etc.....
  8. Thats what c3c0 said to do in his original post and it installed fine for me
  9. Did you wipe cache and dalvik after installing 20120725 (before rebooting)
  10. Root explorer wont work as it says there is problems with super user. Trying to update super user from the update option and it fails on getting root. Also the adblock option in the personal settings seems to not work. Works fine now super user is fixed. Edit: Flashed this version in recovery and super user is working and will update now.
  11. In recovery go into mounts and sotrage, wipe - boot, cache, system, data, sd ext go into advanced wipe dalvik Install the rom and let it boot to mokee Reboot to recovery and install the multilanguage patch and other patches c3c0 made. This will wipe everything off of your phone though. So i take no responsibility if you have no backups
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