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  1. That's what I used on the G300, yes. Something similar would be perfect.
  2. Can't get this to work. I'm on FusionX B3. Even removing the SD card does not allow me to get any menu come up to select the internal 1 GB partition for app storage. No menu is coming up once I am inside the storage submenu in settings, no matter where I press / touch. Coming from the G300, I was spoilt by using the hacked Links2SD to add an almost infinite amount of apps, balanced over internal storage and the internal SD card, automatically with no manual moving on a per-app basis. Has anyone managed to get the internal SD storage working to store apps?
  3. How exactly should this be done? I can not locate the option to activate the internal storage as app storage. I am getting 'internal storage' total space 1.05 GB, Available 1.01 GB.
  4. Hey all. I'm now a proud owner of the Y300, having sold off my G300. Not a bad little phone, if a bit chunky. :) Are there any developers working on getting Links2SD using the internal SD card for apps, much like was the case with the G300?
  5. Gold! Thanks! I did have to send an email to Huawei with URGENT, PLEASE, high priority etc. plastered all over the mails, as they were not getting back to me. 2 phones' bootloaders are now officially unlocked, though. ;)
  6. I asked this on the CM10 - 4.1.1 ROM. Any issues with this ROM? Battery drain / random reboots? Would you recommend 4.1.1 or this 4.2.1 ROM? It will be for the girlfriend hence I need it to work as well as pos, otherwise I will get an earful every day! :) How's the auto-brightness on the CM ROMs? Thanks.
  7. What's the stability like on this ROM? And the battery life? Is it suitable for daily use?
  8. Good attempt but this did not add the necessary settings menus to add the SIP details. Any other ideas?
  9. I cannot find the Voip call settings (sip etc.) anywhere in this rom. Am I missing something?
  10. Getting the same error on this ROM as well as Lightning. Did you find a fix? Edit: The phone was not SIM unlocked. I unlocked it (all the while getting these errors, which are present in Stock+ and Lightning ROM), and the error went away.
  11. Same problem here. Using Moldovan V9 with the ZTE dialer. Did you find a fix?
  12. Ok - installed RLS7, changed the camera app to stock from stock ROM - front camera working normally. Changed Music2 to Music. Installed the tick patch and the Nemus launcher patch. All seems to be good. I am unable to find the ROM menu however to tweak the notification power widget and do a proximity reset. Am I missing something? Also, is it normal for the CRT off and landscape <=> portrait animations to be disabled?
  13. Hey. I've been out of the loop for a bit and have been given a TMV to reinstall. What is the best / most stable ROM? RLS 6? Any hacks needed to reinstall the original Music app / flash the kernel / fix front facing camera etc? Also fixing the gray checkboxes with the original ones? I need to have a solid release with no battery drain or not working bits. Thanks!
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