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    [TOOL] S500 SIM Unlock v1.1

    One my s500 work with out problems. Carrier Orange Romania. I use windows Xp sp3,my phone have version. acer_av043_s500_1.022.00_emea_orgrod i thing the guys with eror don`t have a good drivers. Drivers for the phone i download for oficial acer web page: http://www.acer.ro/ac/ro/RO/content/drivers The phone have stock orange firmware witout ota updates. VACHE thanks a lot you are the best ;)
  2. Right. :) I gest wanth to unlock sim carrier and to custom my device :) I thing this topic can be closed
  3. If i press like this i dont have stock menu only droid boot picture fast boot, anyway rickywyatt try this plugin your usb cable and hold keys togheter camera key volum - and power buton and i thing i found a way to flash entire phone. I m locking for the driver , and i thing we can flash entire phone with custom boot loader custom recovery e.t.c Gest try
  4. rickywyatt And how we can boot on stock recovery by presing the keys ???
  5. You turn the phone on holding power & volume -. When you see the droidboot, release fingers then hold power & tap volume +. You'll have a menu. Select recovery. Simples. As ricky says, it's the stock recovery and you cannot flash unsigned updates. Custom roms = unsigned updates. We don't have the signing keys and we most likely never will.
  6. kerne_l

    Orange San Diego Review

    Way all benckmarck reed in sistem info cpu dual core? wen de cpu is single core??? hmmm ?
  7. kerne_l

    [ROM] CyanogenMod Plus

    On my device u8220 android market missing,i download android market.apk and i install`it and nothing restart on him self,gmail the same. Some Help please! ps: sorry for my english.

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