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  1. im on fr 19 now but tryiEd several roms cm,fr10 ,fr17 and more when i conect cable to pc it start charging but pc didnt see device debuging on, drivers installed i used before smart flash,nvflash it just stopt sometime do i missing something or drivers broken or or?HELP :blink:
  2. is it any possibility to upgrade baseband without conection to pc i think my micro usb port crashed cvm or bluetooth?want to try this rom and still on 405 :)
  3. hi paul i have a problem i running fr18beta2,mck-r 12 and lost conection to computer no nvflash no smart flash just charging usb debuging is on tryid 2 different cabels no idea whats wrong:o
  4. I have both of them.Nothing to compare lg is sh...i bought it first become tired of lags bugs etc. used about 1 month and drop,bought sgs2 is almoust perfect from box.
  5. o2x was my first android phone i didnt understand why so much talking about cm bugs,lags,problems. now Paul doing stable roms nothing to compare with cm.Actually i become little sick from reflashing and run away to sgs2 i gave o2x to my daughter and still in this forum waiting for Pauls new rom its my first and last LG phone really disapointed.Sorry for bad english.
  6. Hello,im using my 1month no reboots or freezes everything perfect used fr5,fr10 and now fr12 from first days i unninstall google maps,car and fsecure.Battery perfect too.Using copilot navigator SD cart from first day no problems at all.So probably one or all 3 programs crashing something im not dev just read about all this problems its my idea only.
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