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  1. There's a problem with the market ? I have a FC when I try to open Market. I'll try to install the new release. Thanks anyway, nice job. :)
  2. Hey Sej. I use your 26 or 24 Feb build. Honnestly, there's any point to update from your very old n257 patch 2 to this news builds ? I don't know if it's due to the rom or other things but my market miss some downloads sometimes, my gmail doesn't sync sometimes too. As all working fine on your old builds, maybe should I go back to old rom ? Thanks. :)
  3. Where are your ringtone ? On SD card ? I can't hear my ringtones too, but only MINE, not the systems ones. Try to set a system ringtone and see if it's working.
  4. Can't believe that we cannot have MIUI GB but MIUI v4. Amazing ! I must say I would prefer a stable and fast GB version but hey, what could I expect ? Thanks again Tilal ! Someone know how to get rid of the SIM network unlock PIN ? Also, I've all the gapps without flash gapps, it's normal ?
  5. Which TPT size's needed for this one ? V10 stock's ok ? Thanks, hope it'll be more responsive than ICS. :)
  6. New release, great ! Like the old time, I'll cry. :P Thanks for hard work Tilal, can't wait for your MIUI.
  7. After getting a SGS 2 and switched to the Xperia X8, I'm back with my "old" Blade and I must say it's nice to see you and others devs Sej ! I'll try your latest build right now, I'm sure it's as good as before. :) Thanks for supporting a little device like that for such a long time !
  8. Nice, RIL fixed as you say, really nice. :) Can't make a phone call (nothing on the speaker) and it still slow but it's a really good point. Good job guys. Keep up the good work.
  9. Just small report here. Gen1 OLED phone (first generation I think ?). TPTv10 Stock, flashed ICS v10b and gapps. The boot's very long, but it's ok. I can enter my name, some settings, etc... But I can't have my SIM card working. The phone's asking for PIN code again and again. Apart of that, really great feeling with ICS, seems really cute and user friendly, I can't wait for CM9 or independant Custom Rom. @T0mm13b and devs: Please, do not take the comments of the bad peoples in consideration. If you do that for you and just want to share your knowledge, it's just all to yours, you're just kind enough. But you must know some peoples always asking things they don't deserve, without do anything... So just continue your work for you, and maybe for those who support you without take care of the others. You have doing such a great work here, just for that you deserve all our respect. Thanks again, I hope you'll continue to support your work. Good luck. :)
  10. So if I'm correct, the original MCSF cannot have bluetooth fixed ? So bad, it'll be awesome. :(
  11. So can you explain how to fix the bluetooth on MonteCarlo Stir Fry Martin ? Thanks for the Rom Sami. :)
  12. I join all of you to have a version of MCSF with just the Bluetooth fix, let the ROM as stock as possible, maybe add powerwidget with some wifi, data, gps, ring mode, etc... And it'll be a nice ROM imo.
  13. I think I've tried that but doesn't work. I've disabled/enabled the button in the settings, I replace the button in the right position in my settings too, but nothing work. n220+ backup working fine by the way.
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