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  1. Okay, I have wiped phone via CWM and reinstalled #257 V1. Contacts and Dialer are now working properly and lockscreen works normally again - #257 V2 lockscreen very fiddly as we all know. I have installed 'Go Keyboard' and uninstalled the Android keyboard and text input is all good now. I believe the lockscreen issues for #257 V2 are caused by the updated kernel assuming that the sensistivity adjusment has been tweaked a bit too much causing this issue. It doesn't matter what unlock option I choose, they are all extremely annoying to operate, even the 'Menu' unlock operates as poorly as the the other options (back to #257 V1 solely for this reason). New Problem: How do you add a contact to a new SMS? Shouldn't there be an icon that you press to add a contact from your address book?
  2. I'm aware of the tabs but the correct screen should still be launched. Go Keyboard is deafault until phone is restarted.
  3. Problem 1: When I launch 'Contacts', I'm presented with my contacts. When I launch 'Dialer', I'm presented with my contacts and not the dialer. Problem 2: I installed the 'Go Keyboard' app and enabled it but when I restart the phone, the Android keyboard is default again.
  4. Yeah, I tried the alt version not long after posting but then had trouble uploading. Have uploaded ROM dump this morning.
  5. Below is what I saw when dumping ROM. The total file size is 188 bytes - that can't be right? Dump attached. c:\adb>adb shell romdump Android ROM dumper v0.72b ©2010 Sebastian404 Device : T3020 T03 cat: can't open 'T03/system.info': No such file or directory sort: T03/system.info: No such file or directory sed: T03/system.info: No such file or directory gzip: can't open '/sdcard/romdump/T3020.gz': File exists gzip: T03/system.info: No such file or directory Creating required files... done. Opening mtd table... done. T03/config.gz: No such file or directory Dumping kernel config... done. Dumping boot partition... done. Dumping recovery partition... done. Dumping system partition... done. find: T03: No such file or directory awk: T03/checksum.md5: No such file or directory Creating Checksums... done. Cleaning up... done. All done. c:\adb\adb> romdump.rar
  6. No probs. Will dump tonight and send you the link. How do I reflash the phone with the dumped images?
  7. I have the Australian version. Am I supposed to dump the ROM before using the phone. I have been using the phone for a few days so it has heaps of apps, sms and tweaks already applied. Will a ROM dump take all this info with it? How do I flash the ROM back to the phone?
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