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    advent vega,nexus 1,galaxy s2
  1. HP Touchpad, running CM9 Alpha 2 ...... paid £130 for the 32gb version n its really something special
  2. rebeldx

    GetJar APK

    GetJar is brilliant. I've been usin it 4 ages wiv no issues at all
  3. yeh i think the time/date issue has bin fixed in the latest updates :)
  4. i had that problem before n was told to make sure the time n date were correct, mine wasn't ........ changed time n date n hey presto i was back in business :) hope that helps
  5. plus the kindle fire has no mic or camera ...... so no video callin etc still want 1 tho lol
  6. Hav u tried a different sd card?? cos i had sum of the same issues wiv an earlier ROM i changed my sdcard n it booted 1st time after a reflash ..... n i aint had an issue wiv flashing ROMs ever since
  7. I had the same problem on a slightly earlier build ...... I just ran AUDI again, n it sorted it out no probs
  8. i use this .... https://market.android.com/details?id=com.birbeck.wallpaperslideshow, i make a folder specially for the wallpapers i like n use the settings to implement that folder
  9. cheers dude, it's workin awesome, so far no crashes :)
  10. i unzipped using 7zip, opened the system folder, then the app folder, then deleted BooksTablet.apk & maps.apk .............. then zipped the file back up, tried to install it and it comes up with 'installation aborted' im obviously doing something wrong ...... what is it?? lol
  11. This happens to me a lot too ...... I just figured it was my Vega ( i too installed fully n wiped everything 1st) my Wife's Vega does not have this issue though :s (i installed hers too, the same way i installed mine)
  12. try 8.0 then upgrade 2 8.1 cos i thought 8.1 was an update/patch (am probably wrong)
  13. i got 1 :) carphone warehouse, my missus went n got there just as it was opening this morning have 2 b brutally honest ............. it's actually really really good, needs more apps ala android market, n email client is pretty poor, also not being able 2 have shortcuts 2 apps etc on homescreen is a bit of a pain but the UI is awesome, the display is quality as is the audio ....... everything just works, n works really well
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