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  1. yoel740

    CyanogenMod 7 Nightly Builds

    USB issues on Win7 64bit
  2. Hi Paul, i found out facebook and Twitter for LG, it's "SNS.apk", but can't install
  3. yoel740

    6 Apr r1: SQLite performance enhancement

    Installed I got 3078 :D
  4. Can you add "Facebook for LG" and "Twitter for LG" to next rom :D
  5. I can't connect to facebook by laptop, but don't know while using phone it no problem, but the original facebook can't comment
  6. I use the original and can't comment, but try to use LG it work. If have another way to use facebook at China can you tell me?
  7. I live in China, and can't use facebook, but can you "Facebook for LG". How can i get this "Facebook for LG" for this Vanilla rom? P/S:Sorry for my bad English

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