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  1. i meant do it for me for the stock rom :rolleyes: thanx, will try it now - hope u do have a paypal acc ;) edit: worked just fine, thanx for that! pn me your paypal :)
  2. thats off topic :rolleyes: and yes, i purchased the pro version today but this does not solves my problem, i still want a smaller clock :)
  3. then do it if its that simple^^ i do not know how it works, so for me its not easy :)
  4. hey guys - installed the new stock rom today - running good so far will test it a couple of days - only one thing i am curious about: 1. the watch in the notification bar so HUGE and UGLY :rolleyes: would luv to shrink it, like paul's fr19 does - anybody here who wants to build me a little tweak i can install via cwm? i want the watch in the stock rom to be as huge as in pauls roms (should be easy just to copy his files if u know how it works^^) will donate $3 via paypal to whover does that for me :) (c'mon, i am a poor student and i do not have that much money, its a little thanks, not a payment :rolleyes:) (only if it works, so please test ur work and dont just do it and hope it works!) just installed the rom and i do not want to restore all my data via tit backup again and freakin click "yes, i wanna install" "done" "yes i wanna install that app too" "done" PS: running 10c with 606 baseband + ril (better reception with my carrier in my region than in 622 for me) edit: i meant 3€!
  5. nope, its lg's stock kernel since the kernel source files aren't released yet :)
  6. sry to annoy u paul but a friend of mine (he does not wants to use custom roms o0) loves your performance fix for stock roms and he asked me to ask u if the update for 622 is comin soon ^^
  7. requested url not found - i searched for the app in the market and i found it though :) thanX
  8. hej, everything is good but one question: why did u disabled the adblocker? the ads in the free apps are really anoying, can sb gimme a link to an adblocker? couldnt find anything in the market :)
  9. just installed the final fr19 and still have this odd mistake.... display brightnes is set to auto and everytime i open camera app brightness goes down :) edit: just fixed it installing this: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1090785
  10. ril is included, just flash the baseband, then install fr19 and u're good 2 go :)
  11. one odd thing - as soon as i start the lg camera app the screen brightness goes down, as soon as i close the app the brightness increases again!
  12. hey paul, gps isnt working for me in rc2 - installed the update for google maps already....
  13. whenever i move an apk from the system/app folder and then restore it (just copy & paste it back to the system/app folder) the app has the blue (N) bubble. this little bubble stays when i open the app once - normally it goes away but it stays whenever i do this (also in stock rom) - does anybody knows how to get rid of this annoying (N)? do not wanna reinstall the rom :)
  14. just was away last 4h, battery was at 50% when i left and now its at 45 with playing games for 10 minutes and listening to music in the car for 30 mins, browsing the web a couple of minutes and taking some pictures/videos & watching them... way better battery life than before :)
  15. thanks for the info - one more question though - is there a gingerbread black theme WITH toggle buttons? i do not need the music buttons in the pull down menu but i would luv to have the toggle buttons for wlan, gps, bt etc! just baked a rom with the theme and installed it but the toggle buttons are essential for me, i just got used to em so much :) the rom itself and the theme are awesome! ps: paul, could u maybe upload the theme for install with cwm??? i do not wanna install and bake a new rom again, it just takes so long (also restoring every app via tit backup etc...) and i have other stuff to do (i know, u too :rolleyes: will use the standard theme but it would be awesome if u could upload the theme with toggle buttons for cwm once u've got a free minute :rolleyes:)
  16. ty, will do that now :) right now using your fr19 rc1 with 606 baseband and the ril which came with the rom :rolleyes:
  17. so with rc2 i wont have to upgrade baseband and ril?? or do i have to install new baseband first, then rc2 which already contains the 622 ril?
  18. hey paul, can u take a look at this? http://android.modaco.com/content-page/336...0/#entry1745874
  19. its not, tried it several times with different cwm versions :) paul just told me he will update the performance pack once he is done with his rom :rolleyes:
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