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  1. have you tried to flash another kernel/rom?
  2. i think we should wait for the liquid glow to be released
  3. 50fps not working on my device...fps2d shows 40fps, i'm using miui 1.12.30 maybe i should do an hard reset?
  4. maybe we can use the HTC desire Z version and change something, it's hardware is almost the same of liquid mt
  5. i use 7zip and it works perfectly :blink:
  6. on my device sms led notification isn't working, but battery charger icon works...is it correct or i'm missing something?
  7. Metalounay 1.2 on 1.100.24 and rooted! maybe it's an adb driver issue? i've used both acer and android sdk drivers...on my pc i've installed windows 7 64bit EDIT: and i'm using fastboot from htc
  8. i've some issues when trying to boot without flashing... command prompt says: downloading 'boot.img'...OKAY booting...OKAY but the phone is stuck in fastboot screen... ;)
  9. vache has disabled vsync to push the limit to 43 fps, so there's no advantages.. anyway, great work :D
  10. i've seen this commit https://github.com/marcOcram/Acer-Liquid-MT...fbf007a1#diff-0 in arch/arm/mach-msm/Kconfig seems that you've enabled 80hz refresh frequency...it's a workaround to remove fps limit?
  11. yes for example in your metalounay kernel i've seen that you removed the vsync so when acer publish the kernel source you are able to remove the limitation...but in my hopinion there's another limitation, seems very strange that this device cannot reach 60fps and more in menu..or not? :)
  12. but...it's too difficult to remove this limitation? i think this phone can reach 60fps (at least in menu screens)
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