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  1. I also have this problem, its intermittent, but find a different gallery app works better. I'm using gallery ICS which works well.
  2. Apologies, the correct command to use is sysctl -w fs.file-max=165164 This has to be entered into terminal emulator, or via adb shell (if using terminal then use 'su' first). You'll need to enter this command after each reboot. If it works you can add it to the init.d folder so it'll be applied automatically after a reboot. I haven't had a reboot yet after watching vids, but will test some more.
  3. I have had reboots a few times when watching videos. I am currently trying the command "sysctl fs.file-max=165164", which is the fix suggested earlier a page back. Perhaps other people with the same problems try it and if it works, it could be incorporated into the rom, in init.d for example.
  4. Glad you managed to solve it, Swedish Snow has been a very reliable rom for me - have been using it for many months without any major problems.
  5. When you go into settings to choose your ringtone, does it play correctly? When you say someone calls and 'nothing happens' do you mean the screen shows someone is calling but no sound, or that literally nothing happens?
  6. I experienced this problem as well, I think its a bug in CM according to a quick google search.
  7. Agreed, there are plenty of more 'advanced' roms, but this one is gingerbread so has fully working camcorder, hardware video decoding, is pretty much bug-free and doesnt have any unecessary features that I don't need. Surely thats not too difficult to understand?
  8. Which version did you flash, normal or english only? Did you receive any error messages on flashing?
  9. Swapper 2 on the play store will allow creation of a swap file on sdcard, increasing the amount of ram available for multitasking. Having a fast sdcard should increase performance when using a swap file.
  10. Generally the rom page will have specific info including gen1/gen2 requirements and installation process.
  11. Pretty much all of the newer roms require gen 2, so the TPT methods include conversion from gen 1 to gen 2. From what I gather there isn't any major gain or loss from gen1 to gen2. Therefore there is no need to convert gen2 back to gen1 unless there is a particular problem due to it being a gen2 (unlikely). If the phone was originally a gen1 converted to gen2 using a TPT method, then it is still a gen1 phone. A 'real' gen 2 phone is one that was gen2 from factory, or converted using the windows conversion tool.
  12. Try both. Installing and running a rom takes about 10mins. Make sure to back everything up with something like titaniumbackup.
  13. you can't change anything about the app as the developer has applied anti-piracy measures to ensure the app has not been modified. I'm not sure whether the icon you refer to is part of poweramp or the android framework though.
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