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  1. Ooo. Tasty! Also, do like the Rafflecopter thing. It's nice. :3
  2. Personally, i'd like it if it had 1gb of ram, so it can keep up with later releases of Android and more demanding programs.
  3. 00:00.0 Sec :Download Start... 00:02.0 Sec :RomBinary Download start 00:02.0 Sec :PSI RAM writing start 00:02.0 Sec :Trying to communicate with IFX modem 00:07.2 Sec :Confirm IFX communication 00:07.2 Sec :PSI RAM writing end 00:07.2 Sec :Start PSI RAM 00:07.2 Sec :EBL writing start 00:27.2 Sec :Timeout error is occured 00:27.2 Sec :error! That's what i get when trying to flash my O2X. I'm running Win 7 Ultimate x64 and running the flash program as admin.
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