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  1. No, this is not true; I'm using GO launcher EX and I'm able to use LG widgets; you have to install AppWidgetPicker and you'll be free! :-) Look here: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=780828 It is a good side effect of using such extension. Ciao F.
  2. GR4 + HPRC3 so far so good. I'm looking for the battery percentage mod, anyone? Found on XDA. Paul, could add this mod to the kitchen? Thanks you all. F.
  3. I agree with HAL_9000; GR3 is already a great daily ROM affected only by RAM issues and missing of CIFS module and UV capability. Thanks Paul for your support, anyway I'm not going to buy anymore any LG product. #LG #epicfail F.
  4. My report about new kernel: perfect: no battery drain, no random reboot, no black screen of death and more smooth than previous one (less memory hungry). I miss only the OC/UV. I have only a question, I'm still unable to play mkv video, is it supposed to be able to play such files or not? Thx
  5. As far as I have understood Paul's statements, the new kernel release, at the moment, adds support to EXT4 partitions but it doesn't use them! It means that the partitions remain EXT3. The transition to EXT4 will be done in the near future when the kernel will be considered stable and usable without hassle. I have used it from yesterday, and so far its really good. Ciao F.
  6. Hi Paul, have you considered to add Voodoo Sound driver in your ROM? I have just tryed it (on Fr19) and is really a great improvement on earphone audio. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1161490 F.
  7. Hi diskbox, which "622" baseband are you referring? Plain "old" 622 or gingerbread special one? Thanks F.
  8. thanks a lot for invit :)

  9. Invitation are opened again! PM me your email if you want an invite. F.
  10. Yes, I'm in. federico dot colucci at gmail.com F.
  11. I have huge battery drain; I'm on BB622 and FR19RC2 coming from a full clean up and 10B NVflash. Partial wake up shows "Android" and "Phone" high usage. Probably one of my installed apps is draining but I'm unable to find it. Damn! F.
  12. Tryed again this morning, let me know. F.
  13. I'm sorry, when new places will be available I'll invite you all again. Ciao F.
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