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  1. To solve any space problem install any cm7 based rom ans use s2e :)
  2. _very_ interesting :D If I can (very limited skills) I'm here to help :)
  3. Già fatto ma harrion parla solo russo. mi ha dato un tool fatto da burgez che serve proprio per questo scopo ma nada. Quando torno a casa ti mando il link
  4. Stesso problema della mia: non ci sono le app flashate (pim phone e co)
  5. They did for us all we have and if any of them was still available and interested we'd not have to ask I think :)
  6. Things needed to complete this task Real developer/ s. Seems like for now there's simply no hope. I am trying to pack a ROM (silly thing, compared to finish cm9) failing and nobody provided hints or help so - for now - we're stuck.
  8. Of course it is! I do not suggest you to use any kind of kernel with it (simply use the rom's one) and I suggest you not to use the embedded tool to use sd-ext (unless you have a very small sd-ext: MAXIMUM 512) because perfomance becomes really sluggish.
  9. Guys I am simply going mad to change a few apk files in Lewa Os' rom that we've recently translated to Italian... Here's the thing: I'm trying to change a those system apps in the perfectly working harrion's Lewa Os. Lewa Os is a chinese rom for our device that Italian users on the forum have translated. So I want to repack a single rom zip with all the new Italian files (framework-res.apk, phone.apk, PIM.apk, settings.apk, system-ui.apk and default theme). I've used xda's kitchen (http://forum.xda-dev...ad.php?t=633246) and following all the simple wizard (I didn't modify a thing) I simply added with copy and paste the new apks in the folder and cooked the rom. When I flash it the final result is a rom that has everything BUT the "new" apks (just the theme seems to be perfectly flashed). I've also tried simply deleting old files from the original zip file and drag'n'drop new Italian apk: same sad result. What's wrong? How can I find it out? Here's the recovery.log: http://pastebin.com/CS7ADW0C
  10. I think you need a specific port for our device. If I can understand how to port and/or modify ROMs I'll try to help. right now all I do is failure ;p
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