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  1. Or can I mount the internal sd card as both sdcard and sdcard0
  2. Is it somehow possible to make virtual dirs that refers to an actual dir, sorta like junction links on windows etc? The reason why I am asking is that I am trying to run an app that explicitly implies that my internal sd is called sdcard, while it is called sdcard0. Is there some way where I can fool the app into seeing a sdcard/some folder, which is in fact just a virtual path or something for sdcard0/something? ie app calls sdcard/abc, sees sdcard/abc but it really physically seeing sdcard0/abc?, is that possible Thanks for the help in advance.
  3. Can someone please provide the APK?, Because I keep getting "This is not available in your country" message :( NVM I got APK Downloader to work <.<
  4. IMO the Nexus brand is simply not appealing enough for me. THey are either current tech or just a wee step behind current tech each and every time :(. SO until google actualy steps it up a notch and delivers new tech in the Nexus brands I am simply not interested.
  5. Looks like a sweet little package there. Just wondering how well that SoloCore 1ghz stands up in comparison with the other phones around?
  6. Hey people. I have been using mock locations for a long while on my SGS devices, and only recently did I discover that Google Maps apparently doesn't play nice with it :(. Or well google maps does, but the second you hit navigation you get a popup on the screen asking you to turn on GPS and there is no way to get it to go away other then cancelling navigation :/ Is there no little fix or hack that I can implement that will allow me to use mock locations put also make that stupid screen go away. Im using mock locations to feed information from my dedicated BT reciever into my phone and its a lot more precise then the build in GPS and it uses less power. But navigation is pretty useless when all I can see is a black screen and a box asking me to turn on GPS with an ok in it :( But will I just have to live with it, or is there a fix?
  7. I had been under the impression the stock browser for the JB build for the SGS3 was actually chrome. It however seems it is not since the fix to make desktop mode stick does NOT work for the stock browser. So does someone know of a way to get the stock JB browser to actually stop showing mobile sites and actually serve the proper full on websites as well, permanently?. And yes I have tried the chrome-command line file, but that doesn't work for the stock browser as previously stated, so the stock JB browser is not chrome. So can someone please help me achieve this, ie getting no annoying mobile view on my SGS3? thank you
  8. My problem is that my printer is actually able to recieve print instructions via WAN, I have set it up so that I can effectively print to it from anywhere using my laptop. But sadly I can't from my android phone and Google Cloud Print, as well as Printer Share requires third party software installed on another pc in order to print. I just wish there was some other nice way to go about this :(
  9. I would love to see that here. Taking a picture of someone parked on a disabled parking with no Disabled sticker and then the numberplate clearly visible :P. I can see the police having a field day with those.....
  10. Chewy11: Where did you find the blog post?. I want those 2 extra "points".
  11. Still cant find the blog post. Paul are you gonna tell us where it is or are people just gonna be sneaky bastards and keep it to themselves? :P
  12. I hate ads throughtout. I even told the local postal service that I dont want paper ads and I go throught active steps to both block ads on my phones etc.
  13. I cant find the blog post on facebook to like it :( And if i dont win this then I will wait till Samsung releases the 64GB version where I live, if they will ever do that :/
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