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  1. Yes the internal memory of the SGS3 is one big storage for the android system and all your data. You cannot move apps to external micro sd anymore as google don't allow it. You can of course copy data onto your external micro sd. You need to set the apps to use the micro sd (ExtSdCard) to write to that. Your camera app will prompt you to save to the external sd when you start it.
  2. jusumgeezer: I had tried the first ota leak, so it did have those problems I mentioned. The second leak DLH4 is not any better. My browser keeps force closing on that version, probably due to no flash support and the media scanner puts my cpu to 1.4ghz non stop for 20+ minutes everytime I reboot. The cpu gets hot and theres some battery drain because of it. Yes I can go to the aplications manager and stop it, but its not worth the hassle everyday. Like I said this is not a everyday use firmware yet. It is still beta I'd say. I'm not even bothering to try the latest leak DLH6 as they are reporting bugs in that version also. I'll just wait for the official version and hope that it is problem free.
  3. I have just loaded the samsung jellybean leaked rom and its buttery smooth, but it has a lot of problems. I just like to stress that this is not a daily use rom before you go and rush to put it on your gs3. Apart from a few new additions like Google Now, dormant mode and handwriting search in the browser, its basically the same as ice cream sandwich. It has a few bugs. You can't install paid apps from the play store. High cpu usage. Scrolling is not smooth some times. It has crashed when I went to check messages. Maps some times gives a ANR. If you still want to try it, get it from sammobile.com and instructions from XDA. I'm going back to ICS for now. Its going to be released by the end of this month so not long to wait now for the release version.
  4. You should post this list on XDA sgs3 accessories forum. XDA Link. XDA Gameklip Link. They would appreciate it there. The Gameklip maker has his own thread. I've played for hours with my controller plugged in and when the powers low I change batteries. ;-) I might try a test later to see which drains battery fastest.
  5. I have found out that once you copy over a certain amount of files over, about 12 to 13 thousand, it then becomes unstable and then 'damaged card' appears on your phone. I don't trust exFat on my sgs3. Its a pity as you could copy files greater than 4GB. I have found out a way of using NTFS on my sgs3 and 64GB card. It also supports 4GB+ files.
  6. Great list you put together. I just ordered the GameKlip with cable. It came to just over £26 with delivery. I'm hoping I don't get hit for import tax. That Andraxis is a weird one. The icontrol pad and Gametel are pricey for a not very ergonomic controller. They would hurt my hands after a short gaming session. That iCade is only for posers and too much money on their hands. :-) It all comes back to the good old dual shock 3. Works on anything and wireless with the sixaxis controller app and with the Gameklip it will make the SGS3 into a versatile portable games console. Who needs a ps vita when you've got this brilliant combination.
  7. Maybe the destroyed cards you got were fakes. You can check if it has any problems with a windows app called h2testw. I don't think the mobile will destroy your card. Formatting a 32GB card in the mobile will give you a FAT32 file system and a 64GB to exFAT.
  8. I bought a Sandisk 64GB card for my SGS3 but I have having problems with the exFat file system it uses. I format it in the phone itself although it came preformatted and copy all my files from my 32GB card to it using my laptop and a micro sdxc card reader. I then put it in the phone and it flashes up that its a damaged card, WTF. I got really worried for a moment and thought I had a dud or fake, but I bought from amazon so surely not. I then tried formatting it to fat32 but couldn't use windows 7 as it doesn't support it. I tried the HP format tool but that also gave me 'damaged card' after inserting it in my phone. I then found another fat32 formatter somebody mentioned on another forum and then copied all my files on it again which takes a while by the way and hey presto it doesnt give me 'damaged card' when I put it in. I have played games and movies that are on it and no problems. So it seems the reports that I read about exFat and 64GB micro sdxc cards working on this phone are false. It must be samsungs version of exFat thats the problem. I hope it will be fixed soon as I want to copy files larger than 4gb to it. Does anybody have one of these cards or another brand? Are you having the same problems?
  9. There is a easier solution than directory bind called GL TO SD. You can find it on the google playstore and its free. I have been using this since I had space problems with LG optimus 2x. It is easy to setup but there is a caveat in that you must start this app to run your games. You also need root. It also works for apps and non gameloft games too. I find having all my games in a list quicker to find and start games. Currently enjoying Nova 3 and that takes up nearly 2GB alone on my 64GB microsdxc card, so having this app is a space and time saver.
  10. I was not having any problems with MTP on BLFB. Copying files to my laptop and sgs3 was ok for me. If you wan't to use UMS (USB mass storage) mode instead then you can try this app on XDA http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1711009 There is a problem with the DLNA nearby devices that was working ok on ALF2. You just need to wait a bit longer before it activates and the text goes from grey to white. I believe it doesnt activate unless you have a DNLA device on already, on your network. Anyway it needs fixing by samsung.
  11. Hi Paul, I'm not sure about the navigation bar taking up screen space. I'm pretty much used to the touch and home buttons now anyway. What I really wanted to ask was are you updating your rom to be based on the XXBLFB firmware? It has better battery life now when on idle and has Allshare cast now in the settings plus a few improvements and additions. The extra features are listed here http://forum.xda-dev...d.php?t=1754804 Any chance of including hyperX camera mod in your kitchen? Its so much better taking pictures with the physical buttons. His mod is here http://forum.xda-dev...d.php?t=1691145
  12. The android browser in the latest firmware XXBLFB now does not have brightness controls anymore, only colour level for power saving. The browser brightness is now what you set in the settings. Infact there is now a brighness control in the pull down toggle menu.
  13. I have been using V20l BB + V20l ril for a week now and I have not noticed any problems with it. If you are using getril, the one I used is V20l, Italy. The other one on there gave me problems.
  14. Well I've sold my tf101 and pre-ordered my prime, to be delivered on 3 Jan hopefully. I will let you know if it's worth £499.99. Especially want to try the tegra 3 enhanced games like shadow gun and riptide plus onlive streaming. I hope the prime will play 720p and 1080p video smoothly as promised unlike the tf101. The wifi problems worry me abit but that has been sorted so they say. I'm really looking forward to this. I hope it doesn't disappoint. To Paul, will you be getting a prime and help us root it. Would like to see a prime forum. Oh and by the way happy new year in advance.
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