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  1. omg.....this thread is dead........don't even need 2 try a AED-unit ........it's over.........tnx 4 the good work P, I enjoyed your work on the O2x, the updates and frequent communication, but with the sgsII it's different and i guess now it's over. moving on....... cheers!
  2. Hi Paul, Would it be possible to add the option in the kitchen to replace the sgs lockscreen with the google standard lockscreen? I owned a o2x and always used that option from your kitchens. Many thanks
  3. Manually add the nokia supl and you will have a fix within 10 secs with at least 6 sats.
  4. Thanks for the response, I installed the Fr8 rom and it installed correctly. I made a nandroid backup and tried to install it but like i said, it got stuck in setup.
  5. Hi Paul, First of all, thanks for doing such great work. I installed the Fr 8 & Fr 10 roms already and achieved a very noticable speed increase and had no problesm at all. I installed the Fr11 rom with standard LG options but after flashing (which took much longer then usual) and rebooting, the phone stopped at the LG screen with the blue bar below. After a while I took out the battery and wiped the cache + did a factory reste with CWM. I tried flashing again and had the same result. Took out battery, wipe + reset and restored my origional rom which I backed up and the install stopped again at the LG screen with the bar below. HELP PLEASE! 7
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