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  1. magicmarkus

    Request help for Rom analyzing,

    oh, i cant access . during sim entering i get an error that the is wrong, but its right. wich app handle the pin entering. --> Modded 1.7.22 with cm7 backround -> my test with mcr gr1 is not so good. after boot phone hangs during lg logo
  2. magicmarkus

    Request help for Rom analyzing,

    Hi, sorry for disturbing and for my bad english. I need help for analyzing MIUI ROM to port for LG O2x. I use MIUI HD 2.0.0 for O2x 1.7.12. Overs have MIUI 1.7.22 for G2x and one try to tune one for LG 2x. but it doesnt work. I try it to. Backround CM7 -> but i dont know wich libs and so one can i update with new and wich are from MIUI. Or is it possible to port MIUI over Modacos Gr1 rom? Please Help.
  3. Is 2g/3g working by everyone? because by me not working. what can i do?
  4. So I tested with the new LGdriver, but smartflash can't find the right com port from LG (windows 7 32bit) I use compatible Mod Windows XP Sp2 and Administration. but don't work for me. What can I do to flash the new Baseband on my P990.
  5. HI, i have an problem. i can't flash with smartflasher. because smartflasher can't connect to rom. I have installed the driver and so. i use windows 7

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