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  1. Nexus One is a most similar with this one. But agree with you. Why Optimus? :)
  2. Sad, but seems our Liquid is a most unpopular :(
  3. Hi guys, Any ideas how to fix an issue with video playback on 1.7.2? Seems like fix from Suxsem will out only when he comes back from holidays.
  4. Suxsem, could you please let us know. Will next version also FULL? Or we can hope for just UPDATES? Thanks. And your work is awesome!
  5. Seems like compass still don't works correctly. Tried this: , but no luck :) Updated from 1.3.1 through LNP.
  6. Wonderful work! Many thanks for author. By the way, a problem with deadzone on touch was resolved by using this kernel (for my case). Thanks again!
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