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  1. Hi Paul, thx for your roms. I have a little problem, the phone application is not installed ?!! It's there .... I can answer phone call, but cant launch the app. Cant launch "contact" too... Superuser tell "radio not allowed", is it normal ? Where I'm wrong ? Phone application work if I dont choose the google phone app in the kitchen :
  2. Be patient, Paul'll do the best ROM ever. Google översättning, kan vem som helst förstå. Jag är franska :P
  3. You flash your ROM regularly, obviously this is a problem on the long term (according to some websites). I hope one day there will be a perfect ROM for several years, so I don't need an "unstable" OS. However this may be old and now, maybe it's not a problem? I don't know.
  4. Hi :) currently on Gr2 (EXT3), I want to know if for next releases, you will keep the EXT3 possibility ? I'm afraid by the long term EXT4 "problems". thx
  5. If you need more beta test, I'm there. fr17 kitchen
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