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  1. Hi Guys, Can someone help me and explain why I'm getting this error when I flash my B7300? [setup:1] BootLoader requires downloaer tool version 18 Here is full log details taken from BUCKINGHAM OnDeviceChange - DBT_DEVICEARRIVAL [setup] Windows Vista [setup] Download PDA Ram Sector Size :87 MB OnDeviceChange - DBT_DEVICEARRIVAL SEND ATUD READ OKUD [setup:1] PDA Device Found! TimeOut:3 [setup:1] Target Device EBOOT version = 0703 [Down] EBoot Image. [Down] PDA Image. [Down] CSC Image. [Down] LANGPACK Image. [Down] Phone Image. [setup:1] PDA Sector Size = 92160000 [EBoot:1] Flash EBOOT_COMMAND_NOTIFY_UPDATE_IMAGE TRUE [EBoot:1] m_dwEraseNvCase = 80000210 [EBoot:1] Download to 0x0 [EBoot:1] Size: 1179648 Bytes [EBoot:1] Flash programming [setup:1] BootLoader requires downloaer tool version 18 [setup:1] Try downloading again [setup:1] Re-Boot device and Close USB port Thanks!

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