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  1. Hi ming0971, thanks for the file. Are you sure this is the right section of files i needed? How come I cant recall seeing this image when boot - up? anyway i've got the file "splash.img" from kokokranc at other forum. I haven't flash it yet. Thanks, anyway.
  2. Hi, I hope someone can help me out, after a litlle system damaged, i put a viewpad ROM on my Spice MI700, now i have managed to bring back the system to the original backup of my MI700 system. The last problem I have is the bootscreen image is still showing viewpad logo. I hope someone here using MI700 can help me to share your original bootscreen .img (the one that showing CSL logo when booting up), i guess that would something like "splash.img". So if someone can help out please help me. TIA,
  3. Thanks espeon, my device doesn't support fastboot, i have tried that, it stuck on "waiting for device". I have tried all rooting tools i know to get root, but it failed, now i know what makes failed that, i have un-root before the device using z4root on a custom ROM, what i have notice that the custom ROM is make busybox symlink to some of important files such as ls, chmod, mv, rm...etc. Since it was unroot so the busybox is remove, so those commands (ls, chmod, etc) wont work. All the rooting tools failed at chmod command, it said "chmod: permission denied". I have managed install a viewpad firmware to my Spice MI700 device using RUT, and managed to get root back, now i have install clokworkmod recovery. I have also update the system to my earliest backup original MI700 system. The problem now is I need a bootscreen image of original Spice MI700. It's kind of ackward to see when boot up the logo is for Viewpad7, but my device and the system telling is CSL_Spice MI700. I'm gonna make a new thread to ask i guest. Thanks TJ_style and espeon to help me out.
  4. okay, where i can get official viewpad firmware? and is that flashable using stock recovery 3e since i dont have clokworkmod recovery installed, and please remember that i'm not rooted and can't be rooted for now... edit : okay i have found original firmware.nbo for viewpad, i have download it and try to flash it, but FAILED, it said "PID dont match" or something....
  5. hi TJ, been reading all around forums and no solution, so i'm starting to think maybe it's a kernel problem... here's the situation : 1. Root my device using z4root 2. OC the kernel using your custom kernel 3. edit build.prop 4. test it using quadrant and it all went fine 5. unroot the device using z4root 6. try to root back and it failed is this kernel somehow cannot be root? or z4root cause some problem so i can not root back? now i can not put my original boot img back to my device, have done a lot of time factory reset still failed. trying all this command give me "permission denied" (ls, chmod, cp, mv..... etc) is there a way to bypass this? or is there a driver for bootloader mode CSL_SPICE_MI700? please how to bring this device to it's original state???? at least i can put busybox and su files to /system/xbin..i think it will solve the problem..but how since i don't have write access to the folder... please...please...please...
  6. I'm sorry, but i'm not a developer, i'm not building it from scratch, i use the download files from the first post. I need someone to share the original boot.img for 5012_3_16P please.... thanks, zery
  7. Hi, Succes OC-ing the kernel, but my wifi won't work, everytime I turn the wifi on it keep restarting (MI700 5012_3_16P). Any idea? and is there someone can upload the original boot (with it's kernel not OC) for mi700? Thanks, Zery

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