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  1. Put this exe file on your memory card and then run it. After a while a "job done" message will apear.In your memory card check the new file that created with name "dump.bin".Share this file with us tnx!
  2. Θα ηταν πολυ καλο αν μπορουμε να πεισουμε καποιον που μαγειρευει να βαλει Ελληνικα σε rom με sense,αν υπαρχουν ελληνες εδω ας ποσταρουν τη γνωμη τους. :unsure: It will be awesome if somebody who cooks sense roms and has the knowledge to do it , make one with greek language,i will help him/her with the translation and i am here for everything else(test,etc).I hope a good sef respond for this request of the Greek community.!
  3. tnx rapid for this rom. i have an issue,the start button(shortcut) has error opening the target filename and the lockscreen dont turn up on the wake up but only when i push the button for several moments,i had flash it with jc2 rom in the beginning and after that four times your rom and i had the same issues. This rom is very nice job of yours and will be excellent if you can advise me how to fix this issues,my regards from Greece!
  4. Also if there an answer how to delete or disable vodafone settings in internet pls i am glad to hear..tnx again
  5. [thanks man tour work is perfect!! :) also if there is an answer how to send files with bluetooth pls answer .!!many tnx
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