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  1. I will try to test those problems as soon as I can
  2. Connect USB cable to phone and computer go to download mode on phone ( vol up + camera + power) when you see the black screen with white text install CWM recovery or TWRP again
  3. What do you mean data traffic? you mean data doesn't work or doesn't show how much data an app is using
  4. Yes it should work, and i flashed it using TWRP
  5. I built this in my spare time and flashed it on my Acer Liquid A1 it's based on Android 2.3.8 with CyanMobile tweaks please test it and tell me if it has any bugs maybe i can fix them Changelog: Updated kernel from CM7.2 by lupohirp (205MB ram now) Added missing APNs GApps included (no need to flash gapps.zip after the rom) Added ADW Launcher instead of the boring stock launcher Added latest Play Store app Turned off some useless settings for the ROM (settings zip) Instructions: Download the 2 zip files and the playstore.apk file Copy the files to SD Card extract the "CMobile_backup.zip" in your sdcard Reboot to recovery flash the ROM file reboot go to Settings > CyanMobile settings > Utilities select "Restore Settings" reboot install playstore.apk Download Links: ROM: http://www.mediafire.com/?v8keqsdqrql9spu Settings: http://www.mediafire.com/?1eqsn9snra3qdrl Play Store: http://www.mediafire.com/?ekjidba4xo3l7cz
  6. I think to get normal battery indicator you have to flash a BIN file for the normal Liquid E, not the ferrari edition then flash cm9 and you will have normal battery i think
  7. adb backup works only on Android 4.0 and newer try it on CM9
  8. I don't use my Liquid anymore but this got me interested enough to get it out of the box and flash this rom :D
  9. I don't know if it works on stock but i found 2 zip files for metal camera on my computer (I don't delete old files :P ) the first one is named MetalCamera.zip (i think it's for 2.3) http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?pv1eh18jhkdzr10 the second file is named MetalCameraFroyo.zip (you should try this one first) http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?1qmbdipo1bwvl3f
  10. I'm 99% sure it's a bug in the app and not the phone, because i think i had the same bug on the Galaxy Nexus before i stopped using Whatsapp I use Viber now but it has a bug that i hate so much, the screen turns on every time i get a new message, whatsapp doesn't do that
  11. try installing it again, maybe something is corrupted
  12. I suggest this one if you have a Liquid E with 512 MB RAM http://hotfile.com/dl/85012526/1469597/4.002.14.EMEA.GEN1_A22F_A_bin.zip.html
  13. A famous CM developer said on google+ that this mod just keeps the cpu busy you can get the same effect if you increase the minimum frequency of the cpu from performance settings
  14. What happens if you try "adb reboot bootloader" from recovery ?
  15. Because of the screen flickering problem i think I'm not using my Liquid A1 anymore but I think I'll try this rom on it :D Thanks parvata for your work
  16. try to boot to recovery by pressing "volume -" and camera and power buttons together then wipe all and flash the rom again
  17. I just got my Galaxy Nexus a few days ago so i flashed the full takju image and wiped everything and I don't have any of the mentioned bugs (just the December in people app missing) But my friend was running 4.1.2 and wanted to update without wiping data, and his phone is full of bugs after the update I assume the bugs are caused by updating but don't happen with a fresh factory image install
  18. nandroid backups made using malez recovery must be restored using malez recovery I don't know if Beats works on 2.2 (never used 2.2 on my phone) but even if it works we don't get any configurations for it, you can't turn it off, its always on
  19. Yes You can use this to install it like malez recovery but if you have Liquid A1 (256MB ram) you should wipe all and flash one of the roms that support the new partition sizes (CM9/CM7.2/MIUI v4) right after you install TWRP Liquid E users can use TWRP with any rom
  20. Liquid doesn't have a 3.x kernel, still on 2.6.29 even on CM9
  21. 1500 mAh is the capacity, I don't think more capacity can harm the phone, check the voltage on it, it shouldn't be more than the original battery (3.7v on mine) more capacity means the phone lasts longer, that's all
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