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  1. Lack of SD could be a problem, of course. I think they don't put it because the Xperia Sola thay sell for 300 euros has got it.
  2. I think you misunderstood the xperia U internal memory. It has 8 Gb totally. 2 Gb for System (OS and other stuff) 2 Gb for user App (as Samsung Galaxy SII) 4 Gb for our own photos, videos and music. Plus it has USB-on-the-go, that can help a lot. In my 8 Gb micro-sd at the moment (My liquid MT is one of the first selled) I use only 1,6 Gb of storage for medias. I think xperia U could be a bestseller..
  3. With Gingerounay I'm using AOSP lockscreen, but i kept bubbe notification..
  4. I think that ACER INDONESIA deosn't even know what a Liquid Metal is..
  5. thanks for your reply! Obviously I want to return to stock 2.3.6 to flash newer costum rom :) Sorry, but I can't help you about sd partition :(
  6. Hi all! I want to upgrade my Liquid MT from Gingerounay 2.5 to stock 2.3.6. As I read, the only thing to do is to flash the 4.000.13 bin file whit ADT or using SD download mode. This operations remove my recovery? My problems are: if when I flash the bin something go wrong, how can I turn back to stock condition, if I have not recovery?
  7. There are a lot of italian people here, me too. But write in English please, so that everybody could understand.
  8. Are you all using GO LAUNCHER ?? I had a friend with a Samsung Galaxy Gio that had the same problem. He read somewere that the problem was of the Launcher. I did't experienced the problem: my Market updated successfully.
  9. solo informatica e inglese...analisi a giugno spero! :)

  10. passati gli esami?

  11. I suppose you have flash a recovery. you have to flash "new" firmware with acer download tool and it will be all right!
  12. fantastico! anche io, canale 3!

  13. ingegneria dell'informazione tu?

  14. I have two little questions. the fist is: is this rom full working? the second is: to flash this rom, it isn't necessary to be on the latest acer rom like for other costum roms? (maybe I already know the answers, but I wanna hear somebody more professional than me ) ...and of course...GUYS, YOU'RE AWESOME!!
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