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  1. You'd need a pretty powerful device with a lot of space! Well I'm using Reflex S as you can see from my sig and I really really like it. I love Sense 2.1, so much better than what was with FroYo, which I think was 1.9. And being able to use htcsense.com is quite good too, can lock my device when my friends are messing with it to confuse them and make them think they broke it :P
  2. I thought my internet was being retarded and it didn't post. So I did it again and then they were both there with another post inbetween!
  3. Well you'll need to give more details. What recovery are you putting in? Can you get into recovery? So you have one black one, and the usual one is black too, well a kind of dark grey colour, no? And mine was unbranded, but you should check if you've to do anything to unbrand it before root, I'm not too sure about it as mine was unbranded. Regards, Ian
  4. No permanent rooting method yet. By getting the GingerBread RUU you're updating the HBOOT and it's not rootable, as of yet. I couldn't wait for the new GingerBread and didn't want the official as it was unrootable and had old Sense, so I headed over to XDA where there are devs who are more capable than HTC by the looks of it. They implemented Sense 2.1 into GB with some aspects of 3.0. It's awesome! I really like it. I liked having a kitchen here, but until there is one for GB, I'll stick with what I got, and I'll let Paul whip up some kind of MCR and see where that takes me :) Anyone who can't wait for GB and wants new Sense, I'd recommend Reflex S, it's got a link in my sig. Great ROM :) Ian
  5. I don't recommend getting it. It can't be rooted due to updated HBOOT, its still got the old Sense and stuff has been removed. Better off stick to Custom ROMs :)
  6. Yeah I'm pretty sure HTC have it kept to themselves. Why can't you just get another ROM? There are plenty of ones with new Sense over on XDA...
  7. Sorry, double posted, thought this hadn't saved. Proper post further down.
  8. Hi, Does it work with HTCSense.com? Can you link it with that, even though the Desire isn't technically a supported device?
  9. You'll need to give more information. What happens when you're in the bootloader? Can you select any options? Try clear storage and/or boot into recovery and see what happens.
  10. I second that! I love the FroYo kitchen, and I Desire a GingerBread one with Sense :P Please Paul, fix us up one ;)
  11. Publicity stunt? Either way, an official release is always better to base ROMs off ;) I really want a GB kitchen :D AND a new(er) Sense UI would be nice :P
  12. Its so ridiculous that HTC announced it and then withdrew that statement.... Now they need to release some s*** for the developers to mess around with. They should give them more than some leaks. I think WE should be allowed decide if the Desire gets GingerBread or not, not HTC. That is all..
  13. Anyone know when Gingerbread will be released for the Desire? I heard May/June but nothing yet...
  14. Hey, Managed to get it working again. Very very odd, the button layout is gone a bit haywire. The call and menu button are switched and I've to hold the 'call' (which is now the menu button) and the power button to get it to boot. Apart from that it works...
  15. Ok, I've managed to get it to boot sometimes with Safe Mode. But now, I can't get it out of Safe Mode. Any ideas? Holding Menu & Power won't seem to do the trick....
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