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  1. The CM7 is still using the EXT3 partition, but despite all is very clean and stable.
  2. I think you can... I'd like to have a modified version of Paul's recovery since it's newer ( vs by solarnz)
  3. Thanks a lot Paul, waiting for updated recovery before wipe and install hr8 :rolleyes: I suggest to use the same approach of xda: Recovery doesn't touch internalsd by default. If you want to wipe it (for example if files on the internalsd have become corrupt), you just have to place a blank file called "eraseData" on your external sdcard. This makes the recovery work in standard mode and all data on internalsd are deleted. :)
  4. Thanks Paul for HR8 :) A little question about new recovery: what's its behaviour? I mean, it deletes files inside internal sdcard when wipe or data in it is safe like the solarnz modified version (http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1093818). If the answer is the first option I strongly suggest to use solarnz's way, since internal sdcard memory on tablets is used to store photo, video, music, programs settings, etc. Thanks a lot
  5. Hi Paul, your Hr7, when flashing, downgrades recovery to (I noticed that since I had before flashing your rom, so I performed some tests to confirm my guess). I think it's because of blob. Can you fix that please? Thanks a lot :)
  6. any reseller for that inside europe? I dont' want to order them in usa to avoid customs duties
  7. I've unrestand it, i change my question. There is a way to "modify" the rom to run on our O2X ?
  8. There is a way to use that ROM for us with O2X ?
  9. Try to use Smart Flash to restore the original LG's rom. Power off the phone and remove the battery. After that push the volume - and plugin the mini USB cable. You can found a full guide on that forum.
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