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  1. len.asdf

    Unable to get back to stock

    Wow you sir are awesome :-) The mistake was that i only held down volume- when plugging, when i held down vol+ and vol- together and it worked! Well at least it's running now, let's hope it will finish successfully ! Thanks for your reply, Len
  2. len.asdf

    Unable to get back to stock

    Sorry for the late reply, wasn't home :-) With no battery and plugged into the laptop it says in device manager "LG Mobile USB Modem". But it has a explanation mark next to the icon (yesterday it didn't show that). Is it also possible to do this with smartflash and instead of selecting a bb i select the rom? Thanks for helping, Lennard edit: It seems that it also shows @ 'Universal Serial Bus-controllers" under the name of "LGE Mobile Composite USB Device"
  3. len.asdf

    Unable to get back to stock

    Hi there all, I got a problem, i'm trying to get back to stock but it's not really working.. :-( I tried the NvFlash method () but that isn't working. When i start the flash.bat i get a window for about a second and i can just read : "usb driver not found". While in device manager it's shown normal. I also tried the smartflash tool but it seems that for me it's only working for basebands updates :-) Anyone can help me out? Thanks in advanced, Lennard
  4. len.asdf

    4 Apr r1: Stock recovery image

    Thanks again :)
  5. len.asdf

    4 Apr r1: Stock recovery image

    Thanks for your answer! Although it's off topic, can you point me out in the right direction to get back to stock?
  6. len.asdf

    4 Apr r1: Stock recovery image

    If i understand this completely, this means that this image will remove any kernel updates, any custom roms upgrades, and CWM? But does it also removes root acces? The reason i ask this, is because i tried almost everything out there on these forums, and now i got incredible battery drain.... I have to charge my phone twice a day :) So i want to start over again, and do it right this time :) Thanks in advanced, Len. edit: I tried it out and i guess it answers my questions, my device seems much faster and lag has been reduced.
  7. Read a few pages back, Paul acknowledge the error and said he would fix it. So no worries :)
  8. I didnt know that, could you be so kind and explain me why that is?
  9. Fixed! The problem was that the protector screen was incredible dirty! :)
  10. Just updated to v12, but my camera seems to be much worse. The image is of terrible quality, i will upload a image in a few minutes, just have to switch classes quick -.-
  11. After flashing my baseband the LG logo just keep flashing on my screen... that can't be right :) edit: Pressed power button and volume down and CWM loaded, so i gues it's ok now :)
  12. Well basically i coulnt get to the point to flash my baseband. But it was my mistake (i think). You have to start the smartflash tool, initiate, plug in your phone with volume down, start the smart flash tool again! After 3 tries it worked! Flashing now, can't wait :)
  13. Hi there! First of all, thanks for this baseband upgrade! However i have a few questions: - The LG Drivers from this post are not the newest, is this version required or does it also works with newer versions? - How long does the first startup take? Mine is currently on 7 minutes already... :) - If you interrupt the first startup, can you brick your phone? If yes, can you restore it? (I have a nandroid backup that works perfectly)\ Thanks in advanced! Len
  14. Your link is broken, here's the correct one: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1029799 Gonna try this one out also! Thanks for the hint. edit: Tried it out, getting around 3500 in quadrant

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