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  1. Two days ago I connected my Ascend to a PC to copy some new ROM to a memory card. I've deleted some unnecessary files to make room for ZIP, start copying and at app. 97% done it says "disk is full" although it had almost 2GB of free storage. I thought it might be a bad memory card and disconnected phone from PC to remove it and insert another one. Then I realised that LED is still red, like while it was connected. I've tried to wake it by pressing POWER, and nothing happened. Then I removed and re-inserted battery, pressed POWER again - still nothing. I've connected it to the charger - no response, no LED indicator. Then I've tried to enter recovery, fastboot, download modes, nothing. After that, I reconnected it to USB and computer says "USB device found", installed some drivers and said everything is OK, although it was powered off. So, my question is, obviously - should I trow it to a garbage can, or it still can be saved? I must say I'm a rather experienced Android phones user, and this definetly lookes like a hardware failure or maybe a dead battery to me, but I hope somebody had a similar problem and might have some kind of advice or even solution.
  2. Did you try force update via dload folder? It usually does the trick.
  3. I've downloaded this ROM twice, and both times got an error flashing in TWRP. Other ROMs flashed with no problems. What could be the reason?
  4. Same here, but TWRP said something like .zip file is not OK, but I flashet other ROM with no problems.
  5. Ovo definitivno treba imati u rezervi za ne daj Bože! Prvo što sam uradio kad sam kupio telefon bilo je da mu puknem CWM i custom ROM, ko će još da se muči sa VIP glupostima?! Ovako sam miran ako mi zatreba garancija. ^_^
  6. That's exactly why I need to update them from PlayStore. It might be old, but still the fastest and smoothest GB I've tried. Thank you for a quick reply, mate! :D EDIT: I've just remember of something, I've used the same partition layout when using ParanoidJellybean and everything worked without problems, why is your ROM different? EDIT 2: Simple repartitioning didn't solve the problem, I hade to re-install it using TPT variant of SKatie (at first I used CWM version) and now installing and updating apps from PlayStore finally works.
  7. I've installed this ROM through recovery and everything seems to work fine, except one thing - I can't update anything from PlayStore. When I try to update an app, it starts downloading and says "Error downloading 'blahblah'. There is insuffficient space on the device". I must say that my partition layout is 200 MB system - 2 MB cache - and the rest is application memory, could this be the reason? If not, what could? Thanks!
  8. Just reboot your phone regularly and hold Volume+ while it reboots and it will go to recovery mode, even if Fast boot option is enabled.
  9. There are Android phones with dual SIM, Google them. G300 is not one if them.
  10. Yes, that would be nice, since that screen backlight bug is the only thing keeping me away from using this great ROM. Any chance of fixing that issue in next version, or maybe in current?
  11. Or use a memory card reader if you have one. CyanogenMod OTA updates works only with compatible CWM recovery, so the best thing for the future use would be to flash CWM, you can find it here:
  12. Explained several times in this thread, it's a bug - backlight remains on even the screen itself goes to sleep. Advice - wait for next version, as we all do.
  13. I installed Notifications Toggles and solved mine problem. ;-)
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