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  1. Konstat I have a suggestion for a cheap device for you: http://www.gsmarena.com/alcatel_ot_997-5165.php . It has better hardware than blade III. :)
  2. Hi I have a question: Does anyone else experience settings reset on phone reboot (not hot reboot). I had to change some of my settings for the third time because of reboot. Also I have fairly high ram usage it's like 300-330 MB out of 420MB used almost all the time. Is this normal or am I doing something wrong. This is my first android 4.x.x so I was wondering.
  3. Just a question, could this rom fit to 200MB system with 20MB cache if some sort of stripped gapps is used?
  4. I am eagerly awaiting for newest build of this ROM so I can try out Jelly Bean on my phone. I am still on GB and haven't used any of 4.x.x androids and hoping for this one to be my first :) Keep up this great work burstlam!
  5. Hm, I maybe have a problem with this rom. Since I haven't used GPS up until today, I couldn't notice it. I am still not sure if it's one time problem or not. When I turned on GPS I lost carrier signal, and afterwards when I turned GPS off again I would lose carrier signal from time to time, now I have rebooted phone and I have carrier signal. Also I had one reboot while I was using GPS. :S Did anyone else had this kind of problems?? 1.May.2012 EDIT: I definitely have a problem with using GPS on this rom. After using GPS I can connect to my carrier signal but soon it's lost again until I reboot. Rom is otherwise great, but this is kinda a problem for me. I did all the wipes as told in first post.
  6. This rom seems nice. So far haven't noticed any problems with it, it is very smooth and everything works just fine. I hope battery life will also be good so I can use this rom for a longer period of time. edit 1: After 12 hours of use, 15 minutes of calls, 10 minutes of 3g and 10 minutes of wifi still 92% of battery...I haven't used my phone much today but so far it seems battery will last for nice amount of time. :) Great job!! Thanks!
  7. So there is hope to get newer kernel on our Blades, that sounds very good. Let's hope it happens :) I thought that there was no way to get kernel 3 on Blade.
  8. I am experiencing some battery drainage with 2.3 release of this rom and I found out it is because of wireless things (both wifi and 3G). I have like 10 or more percent battery dropped during night if I left wireless and/or 3g on, I tested last night with both of these off and battery dropped for just one percent. I didn't have these kind of problems with Libraginger (i had other problems with that one, but that could be perhaps because I skipped some cleanup before installing that rom) or with Vanilla Gingerbread leak (both yours, burstlam, roms). Does anyone else have similar problem and did you, burstlam, do something else regarding wireless communication on this rom? Other than that this rom feels fast and snappy!! Sincere thanks for all your work for zte blade!!
  9. Can this be used on Orange San Francisco blade from Switzerland (converted to Gen2). I am wondering because of thread name: LibraGinger RLS3.1 for BLADE V880 I love your work and I still use one of your older roms because everything seems to work fine and smooth and I would like to try something newer :) Stupid question, I guess it can because I still have rom zips that have V880 in its name :)
  10. Use Ginger Stir Fry rom or Swedish Spring RLS5 with stock softbank kernel.
  11. +1 This is the case, just use SS RLS5 with softbank kernel if you want 2.2 or use GSF or burstlam's 2.3.4 rom. On all these sensors should work...On CM7, for example, my sensors aren't working also so I stick to burstlam's rom. :)
  12. Just installed this rom and on first sight it seems to be working just fine. Everything is working, even sensors are fine (which are not in CM7 for me). Scrolling seems to be smooth. I just tried angry birds in one level and it seems OK also. I think I will stick to this until a source code is provided and there is a rom with overclocking and some more performance modifications. Great job on this one though!
  13. It's a workaround to get apps that are marked incompatible with ZTE Blade but actually can work on Blade.
  14. Does anybody know if there is a way to get accelerometer, orientation and magnetic sensors drivers out of the softbank kernel and install them separately? Thanks for your answers!
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