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    #askmodaco - The Nexus 7

    How do you find the quality of the screen? Pocketnow intimate it's "washed out/dull"
  2. Although I broadly agree with Paul. I'm going to wait for the TF7002. (order cancelled). Inclusion of that screen may make a future upgrade that little bit further away. I understand ASUS wanting to sort the GPS/ WI Fi issues out (at least they listen) and also shoe horning another screen in, but its going to pi55 off early adopters!
  3. BatfinkUK1

    #askmodaco - Asus Transformer Prime

    Hello, When is your review due out?
  4. BatfinkUK1

    Nvidia Transformer Prime ICS Teaser

    Looking Good!:)
  5. BatfinkUK1


    Nice tip. Cool. Google translate: I discovered an interesting trick today ... if you go on a contact name. hold the contact name from left to right you make the call instead from right to left you can send a message.
  6. Hello, I'm getting reduced market content using Gr5 custom bake via the kitchen. For example [email protected]'s tweet ref swiftkey today "error while retrieving info from server" also no Supercurio Voodoo content. I didn't select the: Stock build.prop Am I doing something wrong?
  7. Just checking but have you cleared your browser history, cache, cookies etc or tried another browser.
  8. Kitchen still seems broken. There may be a short wait while the load balancing software determines the best kitchen to serve your ROM. The kitchen should appear below within 20 seconds. There are currently no servers available to service your request due to a high number of builds currently in progress - please try again later.
  9. BatfinkUK1

    Home Screenshots!

    Here's mine using GoLauncher on Gr5 XXKH3 :)
  10. BatfinkUK1

    Big thanks to the Community!

    Hello All, Just a quick post to thank Paul and the MoDaCo LG Optimus 2X community for all of the help and advice over the last few months. I have sold my 2X in favour of SGS2. Thank you all, its been very educational. Regards BatfinkUK1 PS. Needless to say I've already rooted and installed Paul's ROM for the SGS2
  11. BatfinkUK1

    Data-safe Disaster Recovery

    Thanks Rusty.
  12. BatfinkUK1

    Need your Advice guys

    Well it's certainly no Samsung Galaxy S2 but I'm happy with mine. The stock ROM is shockingly bad :angry: but with Pauls Fr19 you'll be fine :D. GB is coming soon and with the level of developer support were in safe hands. Have a look here: http://android.modac...-you-recommend/ I'm not sure I would buy another LG phone. I'd have returned mine with out MODACO. But I'm 100% happy at the moment. :D
  13. BatfinkUK1

    EXT4 How to tell??

    Have you tried this
  14. Couple of things I've noticed with Gr2 Alpha. FM radio volume is in large increments. (I'm using Voodoo as a work around) Both Google and LG mail clients fail to save mail account settings. Any ideas? I've re-baked, wiped etc. But no sucess. Thanks Paul keep up the good work.
  15. BatfinkUK1

    [Mod] Virtical Battery Percentage Mod for FR15

    Not sure if it'll work but you could give the UOT kitchen a try:http://uot.dakra.lt/ Remember to Nandroid first.
  16. No problems with the Gr2 GPS in Staffordshire.
  17. Yes please! :blink: But It'll only probably be worth having once you've worked your magic on it. :)
  18. +1 Me too. Sorted now though. :)
  19. http://www.tmonews.com/2011/05/has-the-g2x...quality-issues/ OMG!
  20. As I believe I was the first to ask for this mod in the kitchen I feel partially responsible, but I was happy with Pauls reply. It makes far more sense for Paul to focus his energies on device performance and not just making it look good. Why don't you'll visit the UOT kitchen. :P Here: http://uot.dakra.lt/
  21. It's a big shame LG dropped the ball on the O2x. Ok they got the "World Record" but the Stock ROM is pi55 poor. I was all set to return my O2X, but then I found MODACO and the whole world of custom ROM's, so I have no need to return it. Paul had done some truly amazing work, his latest ROM is looking like a real winner. Fast, smooth and most importantly stable. I have no doubt the SGS2 is quicker but it's too soon to completely write off the O2X. It's not even running Gingerbread, lets hope LG don't c0ck it up. Also the LG is a a lot cheaper. One just sold on ebay for £200!.
  22. I'm happy with the battery life so far on Fr16b4. 20mins HD Pinball, 1 hour Pod-cast, 45mins FM Radio. 10mins email, 15mins YouTube, 5 mins phone calls. 76% left! after 3.5 hours. Much appreciated, thank you Paul. :unsure:
  23. If you have time Paul how about an option in the Kitchen for the Circular Battery Percentage Mod? Thank you for all of your hard work. B :unsure:
  24. BatfinkUK1

    [Mod] Virtical Battery Percentage Mod for FR15

    Thank you iiii. I was struggling with the Circular Battery Percentage Mod, I kept getting recompile errors. This mod looks sweet. :unsure: Works with Modaco FR16 (WIP) BTW :)

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