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  1. Oh, done it. Pick meeeeeeee, pick meeeeee! ; ) (i will probably go barefooted for a year, for that Nexus 7 will rock my socks off.)
  2. Forgot to post my link in here -- sorry guys and girls! http://gplus.to/mfhulskemper Thanks, Jon, for both the invite and your drive for "The Circle"!
  3. I've lost all hope that LG's GB edition will be worth my time. LG seems to go the same way as Samsung -- and let's face it: we all (myself included!) probably went for the marketing hype of 'the first dual-core smartphone ever' and LG f***ed us over. We forked over the cash, they pocketed it and as said before in this thread, their engineers are probably drinking coffee and reading the newspaper. I'd rather have them do that than develop the OS, because they really s*** at software development. I've been running CM7 since .31, and although I initially ran into a few quirks, most of them (almost all of them, I guess) have been ironed out. The only thing I've been struggling with for the last two days has been a 'random' lock-up (screen isn't totally black, but cannot be properly unlocked either, necessitating a battery pull and reboot). Could be related to installed software (possibly Llama, althlugh that'd be really bad because I love Llama!). I really endorse djmcnz's comment above -- CM7, for most of the 'general users', is rock-stable, speedy and convenient, at least as daily use is concerned. I do not use GPS anymore on my phone (I have a Garmin Zumo 660 for both car and motorcycle use), and I couldn't care less for 1080p output. But of course, YMMV, and it still comes down to personal preferences. I'm happy with even the current CM7, though. @djmcnz: As a sidenote: I get a mental image of a turd with a cherry on it, but it has one of those little flags on top that we Dutch sometimes put on our cheese and meat snacks (bitterballen, anyone?). (Seeing you live in Amsterdam - you weren't Dutch, right? -- you probably know what I'm talking about.)
  4. Well, that's strange -- TB has never backed up any 'system apps' for me -- they do show up in the list (Email, widgets, SNS, etc.), but I've never had the option of restoring them (the restore button just doesn't show at all). I hope the apk file installs cleanly and you get your Fonts application back that way.
  5. It's an LG application, and the apk file won't be backed up by Titanium -- that explains why it's not there. (Same with all other LG applications I tried to back up myself, only I had backed up the original system app folder beforehand, which saved the day). PM'd you a link, or you can search for the system app backup that undoubtedly posted *somewhere* in here. EDIT: new keyboard typos (looked like I was a retard -- not that I'm not :P )
  6. @mankian: I'm currently on Slick2X-GB v4.9.6 (which, as mentioned before, is based on CM7 05232011 nightly), using the Eternity Project kernel (, so I don't think the Eternity kernel prevents this issue... It is really irritating: you try to bake a ROM that has optimal battery efficiency, and then you have to restart your phone every once in a while to be able to use WiFi -- consuming the battery savings, hehe...
  7. Sorry to kick this dead horse of a thread alive again, but 'sms dead in the Netherlands'? Vodafone has seen a *rise* in SMS traffic the past year (corrected for number of contractants), and I have *three* people in my contact list (which is pretty large and growing) that *more or less* actively use Whatsapp (meaning I send 'em a message and they open WA five hours later and reply, which I only read the next morning). I love SMS for the directness of communication, and it seems I'm not alone. All this crap of the telecom providers about missing revenue from declining volumes of SMSs sent is just a load of hooey IMO.
  8. It takes a few seconds over here as well, both under MCR Fr16 and under the ROM I'm currently trying out from another cooker (don't know if that's OK to mention in here) -- the issue described is present on that other ROM as well, which is Gingerbread-based, so I suspect it's not necessarily a software issue... unfortunately. Kouwezakkie
  9. Very late, but interested in testing your beta as well. Device is rock stable, minimal battery drain as is (somehow), Fr 16b4 (most stable one to date, It guess)..
  10. Hahaha, didn't mean to offend. Sorry if I did. English is not my native language, so I might have missed a nuance. Re-wipe and restore backup doesn't work either. But as I said, I'm not a real 'victim' here, because Fr11 does its job. K
  11. ....which may not be the most appropriate answer to this question (sounds a little shortsighted). I have the same problem, which leads to me not being able to get back to the stock ROM in case of problems, because the backup functionality is not working as it should. Luckily, Fr11 is working more or less perfectly, so I'm glad this turns out to be an academic problem, to me at least.
  12. Aaaaarrrgh.... My curiosity got the better of me and I installed Network Switcher Pro and set it up to toggle my WiFi and mobile data connection (as referenced in my post above, I would like to have a slightly less dumb smartphone, hahaha!). Whether all by its self or in conjunction with the Alarm Master alarm I'd set for 0730, a few minutes after eight this morning I switched on my phone and was greeted by the booting animation. Sigh. Back to the old drawing board, I guess. (To top it all off, a problem I knew of crept up again: somehow, NSP seems unable to get the mobile data connection up and running again. Cr*p. Can I say cr*p in here? LOL!)
  13. I have experienced a few of the lockups under Fr11 -- not under stock ROM, though? -- and I thought I had it nailed to an interaction between Gun Bros. (a game) and ADW Launcher EX. However, I changed over to GO Launcher and experienced the same issues. Now I have flashed anew with Fr12 and left Green Power out of the mix and enable WiFi and the mobile data connection (3G) strictly by hand. No lockups until now, had it running for a good 75 hours with nothing unusual happening. Battery life improves as well, obviously, under these circumstances: a projected 100% > 0% discharge would take about 130 hours. Wow. Somewhere, of course, it's a shame my terribly smart phone got a lot dumber this way, but at least I can be called whenever people REALLY need to reach me. WhatsApp and the like don't count in emergencies (I work in a ICU department). I check up on my mail whenever I can dedicate some time to actually *do* something with it, anyway (short moments with a bit of a stretch of time between, heh). Are there any more programs we all have (had) installed that could be related to these issues, except for JuiceDefender and Green Power? I haven't had trouble with Tasker or Spoty, for example, which could provide the switching-by-location functionality I was looking for. Network Switcher Pro didn't function correctly on my O2x -- didn't re-enable the mobile data connection reliably. Or at all, I believe. Any thoughts? K EDIT: stupid typo fixed.
  14. Yup, same here, even straight out of the box with no extra widgets available than what stock ROM makes available.. I've tried all launchers/home replacements I could get my mitts on, but it has always remained that way.
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