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  1. My One X (which I sold, despite being in total love with it, due to poor battery life) had 30 GB filled with music, few HD F1 videos and a couple games. I cannot imagine 16 GB doing me any good and 8 GB is just a joke in 2012. I have a S3 now which is all good except that it looks hideous and the display is a downgrade from the One X. I so want to get a Nexus but what on earth is making them take these terrible decisions? The rest of this device is so brilliant, why kill it all with anemic storage? A sealed battery doesn't bother me as long as its around the 2100 MAh mark. I just need 12-14 hours out of it with medium usage.
  2. That worked beautifully mate. Thanks a bunch! :) Can't wait to tap this at a counter and enjoy the look on the staff faces.. :D Paul = Ace!
  3. Installed this on Tegra3 HTC One X in India. All okay until I try to add the Google prepaid card. It's been giving me an error/try again since y'day. Any idea what could be wrong? I'm running MIUI. Android version 4.0.4/2.05 base. I tried resetting and then running through a US VPN but still no luck. :/
  4. That means the image chip is just unused on this ROM and all the camera functionality is handled by the Tegra 3?
  5. Trip?? Or anyone else who knows about the Imagesense chip at least?
  6. Enough of this nonsense! If you don't like what he's doing, you're free to stay away. Let people do as they wish. He's not causing you any trouble, neither is XDA, so stop with this bickering already! Both communities and ROMs are open to all. Use what you like and keep it tidy.
  7. Trip, Fantastic progress so far. Despite the animosity between you and XDA, I respect both and believe in the community system. I'd decided to stay away from ROMs until there is S-OFF as HTC India SUCKS and I wouldn't want to deal with them at all with warranty issues. I already replaced one with a flickering bastard of a display and it was a nightmare dealing with the staff. But, can't stand Sense anymore and I'm now going to flash this ROM. There's just two things I wanted to ask: 1 - Is the ImageSense chip functional in this ROM or are the 3A's handled by the Tegra 3? 2 - What is the status of the nvidia binaries needed for the 3.x kernel? Thanks a lot and keep up the blazing work! Small token of appreciation coming your way once my PayPal is activated. :)
  8. Oh well.. HTC at it again! What have they been trying to prove? That they're so much smarter and can do things in interesting (but screwed up) new ways? Darn apes at HTC - leave the thing alone.. and you'll have much happier customers!
  9. For me, it stays once connected but does not reconnect if I get in and out of 3G coverage. I have to toggle Bluetooth then. Its rather strange how and why that is though.
  10. This is my first HTC, I thought they were good at quality control..! All those screen issues, yellow spots and s***, I should've stuck with Samsung perhaps? But oh well, I still love my One X.. :)
  11. Stock ROM lasted all of 5 hours on my device, so never tried playing 1080p vids on it! The 2 other ROMs before this, didn't try 1080p on those either. So, maybe, its not just this ROM. If some more people could confirm this, it'd be helpful. I don't think I like the idea of my device being an odd one..!
  12. AVI and MP4, both. 720p works absolutely fine. 1080p, only sound, no picture. Maybe I'm the only one with this issue.. :(
  13. Brilliant ROM.. :D I had the APN issues but its working now after 5 tries of adding deleting APN manually. One thing that still doesn't work is 1080p videos.
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