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  1. cacklemygladys

    N7 slow down / laggy

    I'm getting it as soon as I go below 8Gb free space. Just downloading the free Transformer movie does it. I really don't want to return it, but if it's not fixed soon I can't see any other option.
  2. cacklemygladys

    Bootloader unlock your AT&T HTC One X

    In the post on XDA they also mention changing the CID. Can a similar process be used on the Tegra 3 One X to change the CID and remove branding?
  3. cacklemygladys

    Hands on with 'Orange Signal Boost'

    I had this on my Orange GSII. I used it all the time and it was great as I had pretty poor reception at home. I've now got a One X on Orange and was very disappointed to find that the app wasn't included, and a bit surprised that it was a hardware limitation. Is this true? My One X does seem to deal with the poor reception better than the GSII, but I still miss the app. Someone had done a little work on porting it to non-Orange roms: http://adq.livejournal.com/118239.html
  4. Got bored in the hotel bar and did a full reset.....gmail widget now back. Wasnt as bad as i thought - after signing into the market it automatically downloaded all of my apps. Not sure about the validity of the quadrant score - it definitely feels faster.
  5. I lost my gmail widget. Apparently a full system wipe/reset cures it, but I'm hoping for a less nuclear option..... :D
  6. cacklemygladys

    Transformer Accessories

    I went for a 16gb class 10 micro SD - works fine. The price difference between 16 and 32gb wasn't worth it IMHO.
  7. I'm hoping this is true :) Link?
  8. The box is 30x22x6cm and came in one of those polythene shipping bags.

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