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  1. Can anyone give me a link to the above "Viewsonic Viewpad P10 v 1.11" I cant find it?
  2. Does not work for me, cant get into using host mode with vegacomb but tried using corvus5. The mouse only works on half of the screen in corvus, but i managed to to screen calibration. After calibration the screen is still not working, i think its a brick. Any ideas?
  3. Thank you richard, changing the wifi to a lower channel fixed the speed issue and I quite like the rom now, the only gripe now is that flash player for some reason is totally broken. I keep getting forced closed when I try and view my favorite site 4oD with any browser that I have tried (stock, dolphin, maxthon) if the browser does not force close then it just freezes when you try and view any content. I think I'm going to go back to R8 as pauls rom is the only rom that works reliably with flash, thought I hopw i am missing some super setting i can click and it suddenly works lol. EDIT: fixed my flash issues by rolling back to flash 10.2 a GLES optamised version that works flawlessly with no force close issues at all! If anyone had flash issues I recommend using libflaskplayer_froyo_gles2_20110318 v10.2.155.67_signed with honey ice as it works as it should!
  4. When I use vegacomb or honey ice the wifi connectionis really, really slow. When I try and download a file from the market for instance I can see the progress bar going along at kilobits a second in 2-300 chunks if im lucky. When using R8 or corvus 5 a 5mb download would be done in a flash, what you would expect for my connection (15Mbit) Whats going on, is there anything I can do to change it or do the drivers for VC/HI suck that much?
  5. Title said it all, I thought we would be able to use the ARM6 flash player so that Iplayer App works on the Huwaei Blaze. I have got as far as installing flash 10.2 so that websites work, including Iplayer. But I think that without the app there is no 'low quality' option as the website version is quite jerky? When the Iplayer app starts it causes a 'forced closed' message, any ideas? Thanks
  6. Yes they can, there are quite a few places that will do it, and one or two people over at xda forums who will do it for you via remote software in the comfort of your own home. more details of those places are in the link I put on the OP. Though any good phone shop will be able to do it too. Had mine for a few days now and im starting to love it more and more (more than my blade)
  7. Title says it all really, jsut got my play from O2 for 149 pounds. Quite a nice spec for not a lot of money. Only downside is that O2 has locked the phone, but it can be unlocked (including bootloader) for 15 pounds! If your interested, go out and grap one - playing gran turismo @60fps at the moment! Link here
  8. Update: I reinstalled vegacomb and flash sites were working fine, mainly 4OD time team (the older ones) and everything was fine. But market stopped working and the tablet would have strange time issues so we updated with the update 3 pack... Now flash has stopped working on some sites (site above) , and the stock browser will FC when you try and play them, other browsers freeze as well. We seem to have javascript bugs as well because some drop down menus have also stopped working on some sites. To sum up, update 3 breaks certain flash and javascript content. will have to go back to corvus for the time being!
  9. This is exactly what happens when she tries to play time team, I will try a few things out in this thread over the weekend. Thank you for your reply and I hope to get back soon. Thats very relevent as that was the problem she was getting in hotmail! I will try the new setting (over the weekend) I hope that will fix the problem as she has gone back to corvus rom for the time being. Thank you
  10. Having a problem with the new build of vegacomb, my gitlfriend cant use certain flash content and javascript seems buggy as hell. namely she cant view time team on 4od plus hotmail commands are buggy due to javascript errors I think. Anyone else had problems like this?
  11. Try and take the phone apart and place all items in a pot of rice for as long as possible, put the rice and phone parts in an airing cupboard. This might pull all the moisture out of the screen and it will work as it should.
  12. I'm going to do a project where I make a blade into a built in satnav for a car. Would it be possible to change the hardware buttons. Idealy I would need to turn the home button into the on/off switch, though I am unsure if you could do this with the phone turned off?
  13. I use Moboplayer for all my vids, with the arm6 codec pack I dont think I've found anything that it does not play, even software playback is very good. For encoding I use "A's video converter" a good piece of software that will encode videos using some of the power in your video card (ati) You can rip a 1.4gb file in a few mins (hardware dependent ofc)
  14. Best way to improve WiFi reception is to wear this...
  15. I really dont care if he help's the queen wash her backside, if he wants to call me a thief for a jestfull comment then the guy gets what he is given. Yeah its a bit like saying "you should *cough rob a bank" Does not mean you should do it, though I'm sure if I asked you to jump off a cliff, you would contemplate it. But really the best way to make your life worthliving is to jump off said cliff, I'm not saying do it - its just an option YOU decide if you do.
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